CIxZW3BUEAAn2iv.jpg-largeWhile Big Data is most often used to describe the huge volumes of complex data generated by traditional business activities from new sources such as bank ATMs, store point-of-sale terminals, Facebook posts, and all other forms of social media—the long and short of it is Big Data means powerful information. By looking for hidden patterns, trends or other insights, companies use sophisticated software to analyze data to better tailor their products and services to customers, anticipate demand and improve performance. But in the private sector, complex and large data sets are also changing the way we live. Simply put, Big Data can improve our lives.

With Randi discussing utilizing everyday Big Data for men are authors Charles Morgan of Matters of Life and Data, Scott Behson of The Working Dads Survival Guide and Asher Price of Year of the Dunk.


“Teach kids to be an entrepreneur by setting the example.”

“That the first practitioner of Big Data was the AFL CIO as early as the mid 70s.”

“Big Data has helped the democratic party immensely in getting out the vote and polling.”

“Data protection and privacy has to be engrained in the culture of the company.”

“Cloud computing was built out of necessity. We couldn’t manage or process information on any traditional computer or server.”

“We used grid computing, a.k.a. cloud computing, to help our Big Data collecting for all the credit history for all the citizens of the US to find the best customers for the banks.”

“I was sitting in my office 4 days after 9/11 and my co-workers found 4 or 5 of the perpetrators in our Acxiom database. We had data information that helped catch them.”

“My favorite app is PrivacyStar, it allows people to block callers.”


“Technology is in search for a problem to solve.”

“I have a flexible job, I make a decent living, and even for me it’s difficult to juggle work and family.”

“Only 14% of employers provide paid paternity leave.”

“Dads are starting to take those 2 to 4 weeks of paternity leave.”

“More applicants and better applicants apply when workplace flexibility leave is available.”

“The world is changing. Paternity leave was an unthinkable conversation 15 years ago.”

“12 weeks at a time isn’t the best paternity leave model. Maybe 2 weeks and a day here or there so you’re not out of sight, out of mind.”

“Gay parents have been strong allies for the cause of working dads.”

A Better Balance is the legal muscle for crafting legislation against discrimination for families in the workplace.”

“The US and Papua New Guinea are the only places that don’t have paid maternity leave.”

“You have to make time for your priorities. Step one is thinking about what you want to accomplish.”

“Being a dad has allowed me to be the Jedi I always wanted to be.”

“My FitBit app helps me take 10,000 steps a day and measure my fitness goals.”

“I listen to Pandora with commercials because it’s free.”


“As far as competition goes, I’m sure consumers are happy with the landscape of streaming music.”

“Year of the Dunk is a metaphor for the questions we ask ourselves when we get older. What untapped abilities do we have?”

“Starting at a young age the dunk fascinating me. But I never tried it. I started feeling like the window was closing a bit.”

“On the training regimen side, I enlisted help of a few trainers including a gold-medal winning high-jumper from the Olympics.”

“I can tell you I got much higher than I ever thought I would.”

“There were a lot of doctors who created a regimen of squatting and jumps.”

“I enlisted the help of an insect specialist who studies the highest jumping insects in the world called frog hoppers which could jump over the St. Louis Arc as humans.”

“Spud Webb who won the slam dunk contest was only 5’7”.

“We can surprise ourselves with the potential to improve.”

“Carve out time and give it a shot. See if you have some talent and the discipline.”

“I rely on my Yelp app. I rely on the wisdom of others.”

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