61v8uAbAY0LNow is that time of year when we reflect upon all our past mistakes—no, not Easter. Tax Time and it’s coming up quick, with only a little more than a month to get your finances in order before the April 15 deadline. It’s long been said that the two biggest mistakes in filing incorrect and late taxes can be attributed to poor organization and not asking for quality help. So I thought who better to ask for quality help than my favorite financial expert, author of ‘Rich Bitch’, and host of “Hatched” on the CW, Nicole Lapin. Today on ‘Dot Complicated with Randi Zuckerberg’ Nicole and Randi talked savings, money for Millennials, investments, taxes and how to run your life like a business to better invest in your dreams.

“Being a Rich Bitch is living a full life in every sense of the word. Including both friendships and career.”

“Everything does not need to be WiFi enabled.”

“I was at CNN, I went to CNBC and then Bloomberg. I realized I was reaching 40,000 people in the big scheme of things. They were all guys though.”

“We don’t learn how to budget in school. We should learn how to get out of debt and how to do our taxes.”

“The most intimidating thing is speaking the language. I wanted to create a Rosetta Stone so people can speak money.”

“I did a study when the book launched about how women would rather talk about their weight rather than their salary.”

“Money touches all aspects of our lives, it can become really scary.”

“I like to put a lot of candy over the spinach and give a sneak attack of how to manage your finances.”

“My first job paid me $20,000. I worked my way up.”

“There were two offers I got, one was with a female boss and so I decided to go with her for less money.”

“A man who had less responsibility than me was making more than me. Business is not a sorority.”

“Women don’t know what to ask for. An overall compensation package is more valuable than a base salary.”

“If you have debt, you want to disclose that in your personal relationship.”

“Women have bigger breakers in dating than finances.”

“If you’re moving in together or co-mingling, you need to know how much your partner makes.”

“Yours, mine, and ours. Ours account should be a percentage of your income, not a weighted amount.”

“I’m a big fan of secret accounts for women. Always take care of your finances in case.”

“When you’re newlyweds you need to discuss having a will. You need it.”

“You need to think about what could happen if something happens.”

“If I won the lottery I would be doing the exact same thing.”

“I got myself out of $5000 of debt the hard way. You never forget that situation.”

“I am considered a Millennial. I just want to be the best person in general.”

“Characteristics of being a woman you can use to your advantage: Being yourself is important but having a maternal aspect is business is better.”

“Not over-compensating is super important. Own your values.”

“All major decisions of your career happen when you’re not there. What are the 3 adjectives you want people to think of you?”

“I thought I needed to network on the golf course with guys. I hated golf. I joined the Taste of Atlanta and created relationships that way.”

“I am a columnist for Redbook as well and I did a bootcamp called New Year, New You. Digestible advice for a spending plan.”

“I liken financial plans to dieting.”

“It’s important to become the CEO of you.”

“Organizing your spending, side hustle a little more.”

“Women go through many stages. At some point you work for a boss, you work for yourself, you’re the CEO of your family.”


“Come up with a 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 year plan for your career and financial career.”

“You need to plan for marriage the same way you plan for your career.”

“I think women who create narratives for themselves are more successful.”

“Say, ‘here’s what I want to do in 5 years.’ You’re saving for the future.”

“Things are above board. Create a budget. You’re sneaking anything if you plan it.”

“If you can afford a really good accountant, they can save your life.”

“CPAs are not the most fun humans but they are a huge investment in your life.”

“Accountants are like a good gym trainer, they keep you accountable.”

“Telling your financial planner what your goals are will help you immensely.”

“Day 1. Uncrinkle your receipts. Taxes are overwhelming. Day 2. put the receipts in little stacks.”

“Entrepreneurialism is the winner of the recession.”

“There’s a different between hustling to make money and following your passion.”“We’re in a new normal and that’s my mission: To democratize finances.”

“Rich Bitch is a 12-step program and the Step 1 is admitting the problem is real.”

“Parents are giving their kids the book to get their finances in order.”

10-bitch-tips-for-getting-your-financial-life-together-1-638“I just froze my eggs. It was a super emotional process. I’m glad to hear other people talk about having healthy children openly.”

“Freezing eggs is so expensive that I almost wish I could do dishes at Google and have them pay the 12 grand for me.”

“I thought this would be a book for younger people but it spans generation.”

“Women don’t talk about money when we’re out to dinner.”

“Talking about what we make can be more empowerment to get what we deserve.”

“Boss Bitch is becoming the boss of your own life.”

“I wrote a financial dictionary in the back of Rich Bitch.”

“There’s a lot of guys on Instagram that read Rich Bitch.”

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