Radio Recap: Twist Light + FAB Mom

As the number of smart home products increase, solutions to everyday problems are decreased. Many home devices are too pricey, too complicated to install, or work only a fraction of the time. Enter Twist Home, whose best-selling smart home product is one that works without any smart hub device—all you need is a standard light [Read More]

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Radio Recap : Melody Wilding + Soundcast

It’s said we make about 35,000 decisions on a typical day—what to wear, when to wake up, what to eat— but studies show all of these choices can lead to “decision fatigue,” which stems from the idea that each decision we make pulls from a single, limited pool of energy. But how big of a [Read More]

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Radio Recap: Pixies Did It + Nurture Spa

Let’s say your best friend has to choose a label that sounds most like you. Which one would they pick? A. Dreamer or B. Doer? It’s questions like these that the founders of Pixies Did It ask their clients to create a personal, tailored system of organization according to personality type. Here with me to [Read More]

Radio Recap: Radical Acceptance + Judge Cristina Perez

Andrea Miller comes from a background in finance and tech, having graduated from Tulane University with a BS in mechanical engineering and receiving her Master’s from Columbia Business School. From there Andrea worked at Goldman Sachs, ICF Consulting, and Enron’s international finance team before realizing her true life’s calling: LOVE. In 2002, Andrea became the [Read More]

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Radio Recap: Alyssa Mastromonaco + StyleHaul

In 2013, ForeignPolicy.com wrote an article about how to nab a top staff job in Obama’s White House. Its three tips included 1) be a rich donor, 2) Be a cabinet secretary’s protégé, or 3) work your butt off—Alyssa Mastromonaco opted for number 3. Alyssa's new book Who Thought This Was a Good Idea: And Other [Read More]

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Radio Recap: Barbara Corcoran

In 1973, struggling waitress, Barbara Corcoran, received a $1,000 loan from an ex-boyfriend to open a real estate business selling apartments in Manhattan—and The Corcoran Group was born. By the mid-1970s, Barbara was publishing The Corcoran Report featuring real estate data developments in New York City, landing her a position as one of the top [Read More]

Radio Recap: Women in Tech Summit

In 10 days Philadelphia will open its arms to the annual Women in Tech Summit, a two-day conference which aims to inspire, educate and connect women in the tech industry. The event will be a combo of workshops, panel discussions, and networking, all culminating into the many career opportunities in tech and how to pursue [Read More]

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Radio Recap: Women’s March + Public Radio

Bob Bland is a New York City fashion designer and the CEO and founder of Manufacture New York—a social enterprise geared at rethinking the fashion ecosystem with new ways of promoting indie apparel companies and local textile production for the 21st century. And if that isn’t cool enough, she’s also the Co-Chair of the Women’s [Read More]