Radio Recap: BanterGirl + SHEROES

By Wikipedia’s standards only 13% of women make up their list of ‘American Stand-up Comedians’, but my first guest aims to change that. BanterGirl is the brainchild of comedian, actor, writer, and producer Trish Nelson. Born out of a successfully crowdfunded campaign, an unexpected internship, and long nights working in the restaurant industry, Trish has [Read More]

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Radio Recap: Kathleen Stetson + Stephanie Breedlove

Figuring out what to do in a town where arts and entertainment thrive can be a real pain—especially when you don't know where to look. Luckily there's Trill which gives you all the current information on performing arts happenings around town all at your fingertips. From music to dance, Trill quickly aggregates a host of information from [Read More]

Radio Recap: Sallie Krawcheck + SCAD Augmented Reality

If Own It: The Power of Women at Work is not already the number one book on your 2017 reading list, it should be. Often called the ‘Most Powerful Woman on Wall Street,’ former CEO of Merrill Lynch Wealth, Smith Barney, and Citi Wealth Management, finance titan cum-author-and-investor Sallie Krawcheck is now redefining investing for [Read More]

Radio Recap: Indiegogo Co-Founder Danae Ringelmann + Jeane Lee Tahnk

Danae Ringelmann is an entrepreneur enabling other entrepreneurs to succeed. Having founded crowdfunding site Indiegogo before ‘crowdfunding’ was even a part of our popular lexicon, Danae knows the struggle of startups—having experienced her own share of closed doors after being denied for funding 90 times before getting a YES. With over 600,000 campaigns since its inception [Read More]

Radio Recap: How Good + American Greetings

Nowadays it’s easy to find '100% organic,' 'locally grown,’ and 'GMO-free’ foods on the shelves of every grocery store—and why not? We all want to be healthier. But for food manufacturers their interest in our health is not as transparent—especially when the healthy food market is a whopping $600 billion industry. Now that sustainability has [Read More]

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Radio Recap: SPiN + JaneHudson

  Jonathan Bricklin is an author and adult gaming entrepreneur, having co-founded SPIN, the popular ping-pong social club located in 6 different cities across the nation. Now Jonathan’s taking gaming to a whole new level with his newest endeavor—a VR theme park located off the Vegas strip. Today he joined 'Dot Complicated with Randi Zuckerberg' to [Read More]

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Radio Recap: Sheena Allen + Ariella Lehrer

Sheena Allen is the founder & CEO of CapWay and Sheena Allen Apps. She built her first startup with no technical background and has generated millions of downloads all through bootstrapping. Her second startup, CapWay, is a fintech company that caters to the underserved market of the unbanked and under-banked. Today she was on 'Dot [Read More]

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Radio Recap: CES 2017

CES officially began Thursday, January 5th, and runs until Sunday, January 8th with plenty of parties and demos happening along the way. This year over 165,000 attendees and a record 3,800 companies—20% of which did not even exist three years ago —are exhibiting across 230,000 net square meters of show space. That means everything wearable, [Read More]

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