Top 5 Immigration Apps

1. USCIS Case Status — (Free, iOS & Android) This app from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services allows users to check their status. When someone applies for an I-140 they get a 13-digit number. On this app they can download the case tracker and track they petition twice a day to see when it gets approved. [Read More]

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Tech & Immigration

Whether you’ve been hearing the different opinions during the presidential debates or reading them online, the one thing that everyone can agree on is that the current American immigration system is seriously flawed, and no industry is getting quite such a beating as the tech industry. Instagram co-founder, Mike Krieger, said it took him less time [Read More]

Top 5 Job Apps

1) SLACK - (Free; iOS & Android) Slack is getting a lot of attention because it helps manage communication with your team or remotely. It is so easy to use you don’t need long email threads anymore. 2) ASANA – (Free; iOS & Android) It’s name is representative of what it does: It’s task management. It’s a shared [Read More]

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Radio Recap: 2nd Chances

Over 100 cities and countries from 18 states in the nation have already implemented fair-chance hiring reforms including the practice to  “ban the box” — a movement to remove the small box on job applications that asks whether or not an applicant has been convicted of a criminal offense. Statistics show that ex-offenders’ inability to [Read More]

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zTailors, the Uber of Tailors

These days, with hairstylists and manicurists who'll show up on your doorstep at the push of a button and services such as same-day shipping for e-commerce purchases, there's little need to leave your house. One less errand you'll have to run now? Going to the tailor. The New York Times reports that Men's Wearhouse founder George Zimmer [Read More]

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Amazon Promotes First Woman to Role of Adviser to the CEO

Last Thursday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos promoted Maria Renz to the coveted role of technical adviser to the CEO. Renz was formerly CEO of Quidsi, the company that owned Diapers.com, which Amazon acquired in 2011. The position, which Bezos created more than a decade ago, serves as his sounding board on key decisions, sits with him during daily [Read More]

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