Radio Recap: The Business of Branding

You are your own business and like a business in order to complete your core mission to engage, nurture, and convert a potential customer, employee, or even a date nowadays you have to have a solid online reputation. As does any successful and engaging company brand. But with all the various ways to engage an [Read More]

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nspHire, the Tinder for Job Searches

Tired of sifting through resumes and cover letters? We get it. Avoid all the corporate back-and-forth and cut to the chase with nspHire (free for iOS and Android). The new job matching app for employers and job seekers makes it simple for employers to hire candidates for freelance, full-time, and part-time positions; internships; and virtual assistant jobs. [Read More]

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Rebecca Minkoff Supports Women In Tech

Rebecca Minkoff is used to integrating fashion and technology—she introduced several pieces of wearable tech in her spring 2014 collection—but the designer is taking her business ethos to a whole new level. At the UN Women's Planet 50-50 event (where Hillary Clinton spoke about the #NotThere campaign), Minkoff announced that she's teaming up with Intel to create [Read More]

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The Ellen Pao Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

The Silicon Valley sexism lawsuit brought by Ellen Pao against venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins has rocked the tech world for the last two weeks. Currently the interim CEO of Reddit, Pao says a male partner made her life at the firm difficult by retaliating against her after she ended a sexual relationship with him. She is now suing Kleiner [Read More]

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5 Apps to Help You be a Boss

Most of us spend hours (and hours) on our phones and computers, so isn’t it about time our devices start working for us? In an era where there are apps to improve every aspect of your life, from weight to finances, it makes sense that there should be some technology to help better that tiny [Read More]

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The Women of Silicon Valley

Recently, Newsweek's cover story was about an all-too familiar subject: sexism in Silicon Valley. The article asserts that women in the tech landscape are still getting funded at drastically lower rates than men, far too few of us are in venture capital partnerships, and Silicon Valley still suffers from a "bro complex." The article definitely made some waves across [Read More]

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