content-creation-apps-header-image172% of all marketers have some sort of content strategy in place, yet 70% of marketers lack a consistent, or integrated, content strategy—meaning sure, they have one, but it’s probably not working. What about the remaining 29% of leading marketers? They systematically reuse and repurpose content as content is found to be the most effective when it moves through a full editorial process. That means strategic planning, idea generation, assignment, writing, editing, optimization, publication, and analysis—all created by a highly experienced editorial team. It’s been estimated that by 2017, 51% of companies will have an executive in their organization directly responsible for an overall content marketing strategy. (i.e., Chief Content Officer, VP or director of content).


jhi-arise360Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich, founder of Masthead Media

“If you don’t reach one person online, you need to create a different strategy.”

“I live in NYC and don’t drive a lot which makes texting and driving all the more scary to me.”

“I learned how to run a business and the skill set of creating content.”

“Working at a major corporation is so great for entrepreneurs. You work with all different types of people and take on multiple roles.”

“I got to learn from major media executives and glean their talents and take them to go.”

“Masthead is similar to a content agency. We create quality content for brands.”

“It’s not just writing a blog post and throwing it up. But what are your goals?”

“I don’t think people know why they’re doing content creation sometimes.”

“We work with our clients who know what they want, but sometimes they know they need a blog, but why.”

“We tell everyone they can be an online lifestyle brand. And now is the time for it.”

“Chipotle is a lifestyle brand now!”

“Why are you creating it, what are your goals, who is your audience?”

“The goals of your content are super important. It’s like the goals of your social media. Why do you need to be everywhere? What are you saying?”

“You have to think about your audience. How are you engaging them?”

“It’s not enough to create the content, where’s it going to live?”

“Content is not a brand’s business. Let the experts did it.”

“Frequency is important. It doesn’t have to be as frequent as everyday. When starting out 2x a week is good.”

“You have to post at least every week.”

“Quality is important. Do people want to read this? Make it interesting editorial.”

“Content is not just about marketing. It’s editorial, telling a story but with branded content.”

“Alex and Ani, Red Bull, Lululemon are all really great with their content creation.

“You don’t have to be a B2C brand to create content. It doesn’t have to be flowerly language.”

“If you’re a small company and you want to do content but it’s expensive—start small. Do 2x a week. Ask what editorial outlets are similar to what you want.”

“Ask, what is a publication that has the audience we want to reach?”

“Type in a term to the Google search bar and see what people are finding when they search the same term from the autofill drop down.”

“Minimum of 250 words or it won’t get indexed properly. 250-500 words.”

“Google has gotten so smart. It recognizes good content and good titles.”

“Have a life cycle for your content. Once it goes live, put it in your newsletter and on your social media. Repurpose it.”

“Our writers are mostly people who want to be freelancers and not have full time jobs.”

“We look for experience in different verticals in our writers.”

“It’s helpful if our writers come from journalism but that’s not the only way to learn good writing.”

“You don’t have to come from one place to become a content writer.”

“Start noticing that everyone is creating content. Pay attention to catalogues, soon they’ll be real magazine. Every brand is doing it.”


green-room-logo-final-132   Patrick Gevas, Vice President of GreenRoom Agency

GreenRoom Agency is a leading full-service digital marketing and public relations agency working with some of the most innovative brands on the planet.

“We’re looking for products that get us excited. We look for companies that are doing something interesting with an interesting spin.”

“Our roster is now dominating in tech. We also have home and housewares that look for beautiful design.”

“We find a lot of things that are made in America and by local businesses.”

“Miami isn’t normally thought of us a tech hub but we’re expanding tech and talent here.”

“Electric bicycles, the cruise industry, James Beard restaurants all in Miami are really attracting tech talent.”

“There’s a blend of traditional media and social aspects. Everyone’s a journalist.”

“We move the needle for our clients by leveraging our relationships.”

“I’ve seen a few blogs go from not many visitors to hundreds of thousands of visitors a month.”

“Geo-location is really important for both PR and digital. We see a lot of success by focusing on specific research.”

“Strategic messaging is also absolutely critical to get into brick and mortar stores.”

“If you’re going in for a big pitch, geo-locate to that region.”

“Parents are struggling with their teens / tweens screen time. Circle partnered with Disney to allow parents to filer & set limits on gadgets.”

Dog and Bone from Australia makes super interesting products. Their Smart Padlock is accessible from the app. You can give access to others.”

NORA absolutely does help to stop snoring. Their whole approach is not wearing something on your face to get relief.”

“Keep your passion. When we hear a passionate founder talking about what they’re doing, it moves us too.”

“The worst thing for the entrepreneur is either they have a copycat or they have a copycat.”

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