Hi, I’m Randi Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media. I’m so excited to tell you about Dot Complicated, our brand new twice-weekly newsletter and web community about wired living. We’re aiming to help you untangle your modern and wonderful life.

Things have definitely gotten more fun and efficient (there’s seriously an app for everything!), but also much more complicated.

RandiZuckerberg_web03 (1)Along with being part of the team that built Facebook, I also grew up on Facebook. I changed my relationship status to “engaged” in 2007, shared my wedding photos in 2008, announced my pregnancy in 2010, became THAT mom who posts nonstop baby photos in 2011, and launched my own business in 2012. I even had a family photo go viral over the holidays. Oops.

Along the way, I always wished I had someone who would just give it to me straight about my own online behavior. A friend who would say, “Randi, sitting side-by-side on the sofa with your husband while you’re both on your laptops does NOT count as quality time,” or “Don’t you think Facebook friending someone within 5 minutes of meeting them seems just a LITTLE desperate?” or “Did you REALLY mean to tweet that?!” An “approachable voice of technology,” if you will.

As a busy working mom who runs a business as well as runs after a toddler, I barely have time to brush my teeth, let alone keep up with every single new app and gadget. So I can absolutely relate to how confusing things must feel for those who aren’t sitting right in the middle of Silicon Valley.

With that, I welcome you to Dot Complicated, my brand new weekly newsletter and website with the aim of helping you navigate and “untangle” your complicated, wonderful, modern life.

We want you to be the “in-the-know” one among your friends and family. The one people turn to because you always know the most useful new website or the best way to handle a tricky social situation. Nobody needs to know that you’re hearing it from us.

We want to be able to delight you every single week when you get this newsletter in your email, and eventually, maybe even every single day.

I’m excited for us to have some thoughtful conversations and to have some fun – as we navigate our amazing, modern lives.

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