Serial entrepreneur, founder and CEO of strategic marketing company, Luxury Market Branding, Founding Partner at Gen Y Capital Partners, author of The Path Redefined, and single mother, Lauren Maillian is a true powerhouse. Having founded an award-winning wine brand before the age she could legally drink, Lauren is no stranger to innovation in entrepreneurship. She offers practical solutions to balance business and motherhood and is a huge proponent on developing the next generation of woman leaders, being one herself and she’s with us today to discuss turning your dreams into a profit.

Today she sat down with Randi on ‘Dot Complicated’ to give her advice for budding entrepreneurs.

“I am far more productive when I am rested. I need 8 ½ hours of sleep.”

“I think VR is the next frontier of how we connect to those we’re far away from.”

“When you start trying to push people into spending money remember people keep track of what makes a difference to them and your service may fall by the wayside.”

“There’s a difference between disrupting and upsetting the market.”

“When you don’t give people an option, you lose incredible content.”

“I’m a single parent. Anything that’s going to help me understand where I’m living is important to me.”

43 North is part of a $1B an initiative into Buffalo, NY to revitalize the economy. We awarded $5 million broken up between 11 different companies.”

“At 19 I started a vineyard. At the end of the second harvest, I was 21. I stopped selling my grapes and built the winery myself.”

“You can start in one place and end up in another. You can be multi-passionate.”

“There are pros and cons to every business.”

“I started Luxury Market Branding at 25. Taking what I learned from operating my own business I helped other brands grow and create alliances.”

“I didn’t think I was enough of an outlier to write my own book. But a publisher came to me and asked me to write one.”

“I asked what is my story and what narrative do I want to commit to paper? Getting to the top on your own terms. If I can do it, you can do it.”

“I see women hashtagging “Path Redefined.” Believing in them selves and doing things their own way.”

“When you have an opportunity to create a platform to amplify your voice, make sure to stay true to your voice.”

“I am a young, black woman, but that can’t be the only thing that defines me.”

“I turned down two other book offers—they wanted to pigeonhole me into this ‘black woman’s book.’”

“Our show that will debut the first quarter of 2016 is a deep dive into what it’s like to be an entrepreneur.”

“The most incredible part of our show is that you understand the journey to the yes or the no of investing.”

“We are a behind-the-scenes of what happens behind the curtain of investing.”

“How you’re put together matters.”

“You don’t have to wear top designs. Just being stylish doesn’t mean your substantive.”

“It was instilled in me as a young child. My dad said your nails are perfectly polished all the time or not polished at all.”

“Care about the way you present yourself. It speaks to how you put yourself together.”

“I put out my clothes the night before, the same way I do with my kids.”

“Building your brand depends if you’re an entrepreneur or are in the corporate world. Corporations are embracing style and flair but there’s still a standard.”

“In the age of social media when you’re able to share with people who don’t know you personally, you have to draw the line somewhere.”

“Pick your 4 things you want to share with the world—business, personal, family, fitness, for example. Don’t spread yourself thin.”

“In the corporate world, some people just want to push their companies. It’s awesome but unless it’s your company you need to make sure people know who you are and why you do what you do.”

“Talk about what you do at work. It will transcend to what your next move is.”

“We’re in a place where people are getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

“We’re getting comfortable watching women do things their own way and finding success and shutting people up.”

“Why can’t you go from one thing to the other? The more we see people crushing life, the more people want to do it ourselves.”

“I’m being intentional instead of reactional with my time.”

“Surround yourself with the people who are where you want to be. Understand your competition and learn from them.”

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