Neuroscientist, author mother of two, four-time Emmy nominated actress, and owner of Grok Nation, Mayim Bialik, shared her top 5 favorite apps with Randi just this past week:

  1. habitRPG— (Free; iOS & Android) This app is a motivational task manager I do with a group of friends. Rank your tasks in terms of difficulty: low, moderate or high. When you cross things off your lists you get points where you can buy things to give to your little avatar you design. I use it on my computer and my phone. It motivates me in a way that nothing else can. It feels so good to cross things off that need to get done.

2.— (Free; iOS & Android) This sort of socially-conservative app that lets me read reviews of kids movies to see how much cursing, violence, etc. they have in them. My kids don’t watch TV but we started going to the movies. Common Sense tells you in specific detail what to expect. They specifically address issues if you may have a child who is sensitive to something, and the app is right every time. They have great filters.

3. World’s Brightest Flashlight—(Free, iOS & Android) This is one of the first apps I put on my phone. It’s a reminder of how humble I was with my first smartphone. Plus it makes a light saber sound when turned on!

4. Face Bomb (Free, Android; $.99 on iOS) and Faceplant (Free, iOS & Android): These make me laugh every time I use them and since I have very little leisure time throughout my day laughter is important. You can take one person’s face in a group photo to put it on everyone’s face. Or switch faces. I switched my ex-husband’s and my face in a family photo. My kids love it. It’s hours of endless of joy.

5. Insight Timer—(Free, iOS & Android) This meditation app sets a timer to any selected pre-recorded meditation you do. There’s a library of guided meditations all listed by their running times. It also tells you who else is meditating at the same moment you are since it’s energizing to meditate with others at the same time.