From Johnny English to Weird Al Yankovic, virtual reality is set to take over cinemas this fall with Oculus VR’s new platform, Venues. Created to deliver all sorts of entertainment experiences like live events, sports, concerts, and comedy shows Venues is like streaming TV —but only in VR. The first Venues events were a live concert at Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheater and a Gotham Comedy show streamed in partnership with live events platform NextVR. This is all part of Oculus’ broader entertainment push to make VR both a social experience and a viable medium that goes beyond gaming and live events. Now that viewers can get a front-row seat to live shows from the comfort of their home (as long as they have a VR headset) what does VR event entertainment look like?

Here with me to discuss using VR entertainment experiences that go beyond 2D are Eric Gersen and Jessica Morgan of the Upright Citizens Brigade’s new Broadway-style musical, YOUR TOWN, which will be broadcast worldwide on the Oculus platform by NextVR. Also joining the show via phone are Bradley Sullivan and Adam Krause from the award-winning VR 360º horror short, GAGS: THE TERROR SURROUNDS YOU.