In 10 days Philadelphia will open its arms to the annual Women in Tech Summit, a two-day conference which aims to inspire, educate and connect women in the tech industry. The event will be a combo of workshops, panel discussions, and networking, all culminating into the many career opportunities in tech and how to pursue them. All profits generated from each of the 5 Women in Tech events around the nation will support the non-profit TechGirlz and its ongoing mission to inspire middle school girls to explore the possibilities of technology to empower their future careers.

Here with me today to discuss The Women in Tech Summit and their own work in the tech industry are the founder of TechGirlz and co-founder of the Women in Tech Summit, Tracey Welson-Rossman, and Executive Vice President of Wilco Electronics System and Women in Tech Summit panelist, Brigitte Daniel Corbin.


“It’s important for us to see why women aren’t getting involved in the innovation economy.”

“WITS came through Chariot called the Emerging Tech Conference. There weren’t enough women there.”

“I was concerned why we weren’t seeing more women in tech.”

“We had 125 people at Women in Tech Summit this first year.”

“It was a test. Would women come out on a Saturday to learn tech?”

“I use tech everyday in sales and marketing.”

“If you’re making decisions for your company, you’re a technologist. Not every one wants to become a computer programmer.”

“At other women in tech events, we weren’t seeing the in-depth talks.”

“Every job is going to have tech associated with it.”

“Last year we went to DC and North Carolina. We’re opening Boston and Denver.”

“It’s important to us to convey a message of positivity.”

“We’re here to showcase women who are doing a lot and how we can make a difference.”

“If you’re in tech and you’re a woman, you need to be out here.”

“I got a lot of credit for my work, but I have great teammates.”

“The people we’ve surrounded ourselves with are doers.”

“Women in tech is not just a social justice issue.”

“Currently 500,000 jobs in tech are open with 1.4 created by 2020.”

“We’re all fighting for talent at businesses. We can’t fill it with white men.”

“52% of the working population are women. 57% of grad degree holders are women.”


“Whenever you have a tech gadget everything applies to that one brand.”

“Tech is moving all the time. We had to get used to the swipe and tap. Soon we’ll be blinking and thinking.”

“Wilco provides cable to closed communities at a discounted rate to underserved communities. We’ve been doing it for 40 years.”

“In 2011 Philly started to bridge the digital divide.”

“We’re all about everyone having entry points into technology.”

“Using Your Uniqueness to Your Advantage is the panel I’ll be speaking on.”

“We often talk about diversity in a negative way. My panel will talk about women who use their difference as status.”

“National Equity Payday is that black women in tech make $79,000 for every $100 white men make.”

Mogulette came from helping women of color get that seat at the table too.”

“Maybe women and people of color don’t ask for that money. Maybe we haven’t been asking because we haven’t been getting it.”

“If they keep making excuses it’s just going to be status quo.”

“When it comes to diversification and inclusivity, the US is still ahead of many countries. Other countries with support systems have more options.”

“We have to do better as a nation. In Philadelphia, we are trying to be more inclusive.”