How My Son Racked Up a $1,681 iTunes Bill in One Month

By Angella Dykstra Last Sunday I sat down at my laptop to pay our bills. I logged into my credit card account to get the balance payable (We put everything on our MasterCard and pay it off monthly, because I like free groceries). The total alarmed me, and as I scrolled through the transactions, there were pages [Read More]

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5 Things To Do Now To Make The Holidays Next Year Less Stressful

The holiday season is my favorite time of the year but it is also when I stress the most! Shopping, gifts, decorating, wrapping, holiday cards... every year the list is the same and every year there are too many to-dos and not enough time do them. I've finally realized that the only way to remain [Read More]

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Holiday Spending Survival Guide – 4 Tips To Stay Within Budget

The holidays are a joyous time of year, but arguably one that has the greatest impact on your finances. Hosting parties, traveling to see loved ones and of course, buying gifts, can add up quickly! To avoid a huge holiday shopping hangover in January, it’s important to be mindful of what you purchase in December – and how [Read More]

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The Double Edged Sword of Social Media

Social media has undoubtedly changed the world we live in today. In fact, it’s hard to imagine life without it now. It essentially revolutionized how we communicate and connect as a global society. Many have weighed in on the costs and benefits of social media and its’ impact on society, but one thing we can [Read More]

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News vs. the Net

The internet has forever altered how journalists acquire information. What was once a soap box became a published periodical. A news broadcast, now a viral video. From blogs to vlogs to Twitter, there’s definitely no shortage of news available, but how accurate is the info you’re receiving? While technology expands the amount of news outlets, [Read More]

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Parenting in the Age of Social Media

With social media on just about every device, parents have new fears to keep them awake at night. Around 95% of teens between the ages of 12 and 17 are online, and 81% of them use social media sites regularly, according to a recent study from the Pew Research institution. Younger children are also logging [Read More]

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Elevate, An App Made for Your Brain

It’s no joke that smartphones have made us chronically unfocused (hi, Candy Crush), so we’re making room for a feature that can do something good for our minds. Elevate is a free app that’s designed to improve your cognitive abilities (speaking, writing, reading, and listening) through a series of sharply-designed brain exercises. To get started, [Read More]

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Let Your Tablet Entertain You

Have you noticed that more people are canceling their cable in favor of streaming services? Many viewers now watch movies and television shows on their tablet devices via platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, and Hulu Plus. With the rising costs of cable, nixing that bill can save you a chunk of money every [Read More]

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