What is Periscope?

  Periscope—what is it? What’s “doing a scope”? How are you “scoping”? Periscope was bought by the folks at Twitter so when you download the Periscope app you connect it to your Twitter account. Then when you go live a tweet will go out to your followers that you are periscoping. Periscope’s motto is “Explore the [Read More]

6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Online Workout Classes

With so many virtual-training programs and workout videos available online (including ours soon!), you can pretty much skip the gym whenever you want—without slacking on your fitness. But online workouts can be easier said than done. Where do you put your laptop? The couch is right there. Here are the best ways to get motivated at home and get your [Read More]

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Inside the Brains of Internet Jerks

A new study published by PLOS ONE might shine a light on who’s behind many of those mean tweets and comments that one in four women between 18-24 say they've been a victim of, and we’re guessing you won’t be surprised by the results. According to the study, men with low self-esteem may be more likely to attack women [Read More]

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The Etiquette of Photo Sharing

With digital cameras and smartphones it’s easier than ever to post photos online. Now, the trick is to use restraint. Follow these guidelines to avoid any photo faux pas. Edit Sharing the photos and stories from your summer vacation with your friends in person has become a thing of the past. Now you can simply [Read More]

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The Dangers of Using Google to Self-Diagnose

Via Women's Health Your hiccups just won't quit. It's been two days. You could head to your M.D.'s office. But, groan. So inconvenient. And Dr. Interwebs is faster, simpler, and cheaper. It takes mere seconds to type symptoms into a search engine...and just a few more to learn that those persistent throat spasms could be [Read More]

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Is Social Media Bad for Your Relationship?

The latest sites, apps, and technology make life easier than ever, but could they be putting a damper on your intimacy? Here are some ways to turn down the digital drama. Rule #1: Avoid the premature relationship-status change. Relationship experts agree that the worst social media faux pas is becoming “Facebook official” before you’re actually [Read More]

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Having More Isn’t Always Better

By Joree Rosenblatt We all want more of the good things in life. Who wouldn’t? As soon as we have a taste of something delicious we are reaching for the next bite. When visiting a beautiful vacation destination, we say, “I can’t wait to come back,” often forgetting that you are actually still there. There [Read More]

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Why I’m Not Getting my 10-year-old a Cell Phone

One of the worst parenting mistakes I ever made was to give my 8-year-old daughter my old iPhone “just because.” She had been asking – begging – for months.  “EVERY other kid has one/I need to be able to contact you in case of emergency/I’ll only use it for travel,” she pleaded. I caved because, [Read More]

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