Radio Recap: Retail & Tech

Now that we’re a little over eight years from the launch of the first iPhone, retailers have learned that to win over its customers, convenience is key and smartphones are leading the charge. Whether it’s through mobile sites or mobile apps, the smartphone has streamlined the purchase-making decision process by allowing buyers to connect to [Read More]

Radio Recap: Bitcoin

As is stands now, two-thirds of all in-person transactions are made through credit cards, which reveals your name and address with every sale transacted. Credit cards are regularly hacked so much so that 1/3 of all online credit card transactions in London are fraudulent. Credit card companies also rack up over $50 billion dollars in [Read More]

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Technology and Avoidance

Making Phone Calls When a Text is so Much Easier.  By Dawn Rebel Bad news, anxiety, cranky family members — there are endless reasons to avoid making phone calls. The hand-held convenience of instant messaging, email, and text has given us another way to avoid the person-to-person contact that comes with picking up the phone [Read More]

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Walmart Hosts a Massive Online Sale to Rival Amazon’s Big “Prime Day”

Have anything you've been itching to buy lately? Wait until Wednesday. That's when Amazon and Walmart are going head to head with sales that promise to beat Black Friday. Yes, you read that right. Last week, Amazon announced it was going to celebrate its 20th birthday with "Prime Day" on July 15, featuring new deals [Read More]

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5 Technology Tools You Can’t Live Without

The best new tech gadgets for him, her and the whole family. PlantSense EasyBloom. Why It'll Change Your Life: You'll get a green thumb. Shove the 11-inch stick into the dirt in a spot where you want to grow a plant. Built-in sensors gather info on soil moisture, sunlight, and temperature. After 24 hours, plug [Read More]

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3 New Apps for Restaurant Lovers

Whether you're reserving a spot and paying the bill at a new restaurant on your phone or having a rotating menu of items delivered straight to your door, the newest apps are finding creative ways make five-star eating even easier. These three in particular will make dining out even more fun: download, log in, and eat [Read More]

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Google and Levi’s Collaborate

It's a marriage of newfangled technology meets classic American style: Last week, at Google I/O 2015 in San Francisco, the tech company announced its exclusive partnership with Levi's to launch wearable clothing technology next year. (And no, in this case, wearable clothing technology doesn't mean you'll be walking around with screens strapped to your chest—a [Read More]

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