Bruno, the World’s First “Smart” Garbage Can

There’s a certain pattern to cleaning the kitchen, and some of the last two steps including taking the trash out and sweeping up the floor. While the need to heft the bag of garbage out to the dumpster hasn’t yet been eliminated, the folks behind Bruno are pining to make the dust pan obsolete. Bruno [Read More]

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Radio Show Recap: The Business of Books

Technology, once again, has disrupted another old-school industry where the old way of doing things will have to adapt to both small and massive companies competing for revenue. Luckily there’s room for everyone, which means that it’s never been a better time to write or your memoir or pen that great American novel. Yesterday, Randi [Read More]

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June, the Bracelet that Monitors Your Sun Exposure

There's no doubt that UV-monitoring wristbands like the UVeBand andUVA+B Sunfriend are a good idea for those spending some time in the sun. But most favor function over fashion, which is why Netatmo, a company known for its range of weather stations, has launched June ($129), a cute little bracelet that monitors your sun exposure. (Remember, 90 percent of UV [Read More]

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How Mobile Devices & Technology are Advancing Fashion

By Jennifer Thayer The fashion world has historically been relatively insular, borrowing culture, technology and art to further its own ends. It could do that because it existed on a plane outside of society at large – more art than attire. But as technology's evolution has effectively broadened each individual's sphere to a mammoth degree, [Read More]

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Move over, Andrew Jackson: a new national campaign is out to replace the former president with a fresh face on the $20 bill. The "Women on 20s" movement is going viral, with 80,000 people heading online to pick from potential candidates like suffragist Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Congresswoman Patsy Mink, and abolitionist Sojourner Truth. Here’s how [Read More]

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Jon Ronson on Public Shaming

In the United States, public punishments have been banned since 1839. But nearly two centuries later, it seems like someone’s being flogged in a virtual town square on the Internet every day. In his new book, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, investigative journalist Jon Ronson examines why the digital space has become full of moral policing--and [Read More]

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How Does Your Garden Grow? With ROOT.

If you dream of having an herb gardens but don't have a backyard, patio, or access to a super sunny climate, meet ROOT, a countertop irrigation system that uses automated lighting and watering controlled through your smartphone. ROOT is the brainchild of organic growers Ohneka Farms. Since it's a hydroponic design (which means the plants grow directly in nutrient-rich [Read More]

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Eero is the First Care-free WiFi System

Linksys, D-Link, Netgear, and Belkin—no matter which router you use, getting wireless internet working in your home—your entire home—is often a miserable experience. Eero wants to make it better. A new breakthrough in the world of routers, Eero has been dubbed the carefree Wi-Fi system--and not without reason. The startup insists it's ready to help you prepare for a [Read More]

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