Radio Recap: Destigmatizing Depression with Dave Kerpen

Two weeks ago we lost two well-known American founders to suicide. Both Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain took their own lives after years of struggle with mental health, sadly their experiences with depression are far from uncommon for entrepreneurs. In May 2015, 31 year old Austen Heinz, CEO of Cambrian Genomics took his own life. 26 year old Aaron Schwartz, [Read More]

Radio Recap: Black Women Talk Tech

Black women are the leading sector of business starters in the US yet of all the venture capital distributed, 10% of funds go to non-white male founders with only .2% going to black female founders. This is $36,000 compared to [Read More]

Radio Recap: #MeToo & the Workplace

From standup comedy to tech to Hollywood, and just about every industry in-between, have all been affected by #MeToo—and with the outstanding number of those who’ve experienced sexual harassment it’s no wonder why. In February, Stop Street Harassment released results [Read More]

Radio Recap: ADHD & Entrepreneurship

What do Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, actress Whoopi Goldberg, and brokerage founder Charles Schwab all have in common? They’re all successful entrepreneurs living with adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. According to the American Journal [Read More]

Radio Recap: The Rise of Long Form Content

In an era when attention spans are shorter than ever, long-form content is making a comeback. Whether it’s in the theater, on the sofa, or at a desk, creators are asking audiences to stay in their seats…for several hours. Take the Broadway hit, “Angels [Read More]

Radio Recap: Brain Hacking

From classical music to transcranial direct-current stimulation to the Mediterranean diet to nootropics, the days of only using 10% of our brain are over. Reporter David Adam claimed to have boosted his IQ using electrical brain stimulation. His goal was to supercharge his brain [Read More]

Radio Recap: Building Entrepreneurs

Innovator and inventor, Thomas Edison, once said, “Vision without execution is hallucination,” and my guests today can attest to the importance of vision in starting successful entrepreneurial careers. Long before Sachin Dev Duggal became the Chief Wizard at Engineer.ai (Chief Wizard is his official [Read More]

Radio Recap: Mental Prep for Entrepreneurs

While it might not seem like our emotional feelings and data are linked on a surface level, the two are interconnected in a way that can actually optimize decision-making, and ultimately, performance. The brain responds [Read More]

Radio Recap: The Women of IBM

At IBM, tens of thousands of women have been making contributions to the advancement of information technology for almost as long as the company has been in existence. Where many companies date their affirmative action [Read More]

Radio Recap: Pre-Teen Technology

As technology dominates our lives, learning basic computer programming isn't just a good idea, it's an essential skill for children—especially in terms of career outlook. Currently there are around 500,000 open computing jobs nationwide but [Read More]

Radio Recap: Second Act Careers

Career transformations are now more common thanks to the rise of technology and entrepreneurialism.  We’ve all seen the inspiring exposés about the lawyer turned organic farmer or of actor Daniel Day Lewis who once briefly [Read More]