Social Media and Fandom

I’m not ashamed to admit that I am a boy band fanatic. In the late 80’s I was a loyal “Block Head”, which was a title given to New Kids On The Block fans. Every square inch of my bedroom was plastered with posters of Joey McIntyre.  I also had every piece of merchandise on

An Exciting New Partnership with Celebrity Cruises!

This week, I was in NYC to launch a new partnership I can’t wait to tell you about: I’m teaming up with luxury seafarers Celebrity Cruises on five exclusive treatments for the onboard Canyon Ranch SpaClub, which launches next month! Celebrity Cruises is a leader in providing relaxing, restorative vacations, and by partnering with them I hope to inspire time to log off

7 Crazy Cheap Devices

In the age of $600 iPhones, shelling out a couple hundred bucks for any sort of device feels commonplace. But that doesn’t mean expensive is always better—or necessary. We gave all of the budget-friendly technology in this slideshow a test drive to see how it compares to our pricier standbys. The results? Everything worked amazingly

Radio Show Recap: Women Entrepreneurs

There are over8 million women-owned businesses in the US, 30% attract less than 5% in equity. They employ over 7 million people, and Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming and North Dakota are the top states for women to be business owners and having between 5-10 employees is where the most pick-up for women and growth begins. Today’s

Track Other People’s Investments with Nvestly

Wanna be the next Warren Buffet? Then you need to sign up for Nvestly, a new, free social media platform for investors that’s like a LinkedIn account for your portfolio. It lets you connect with friends and colleagues so that you can take a peek at where they’re investing. Since its recent launch in October, Nvestly is

Project Ara, Google’s New Modular Phone

The new Google Project Ara modular smartphone is redefining smartphones as we know them. Instead of releasing a device that comes with a predetermined set of hardware and software, the tech company has developed a phone that lets you choose which parts, or modules, you want and swap them out anytime. (For example, if you need your

Radio Show Recap: How to Invest in Your Dreams

Yesterday’s live from New York’s Dot Complicated with Randi Zuckerberg featured financial journalist Nicole Lapin discussing her new book, Rich Bitch, a financial breakdown for women, and the team behind NYC’s biggest Off-Broadway hit, Application Pending, co-writer and director Andy Sandberg, co-writer Greg Edwards, and star (playing over 40 different characters) Christina Bianco. First Randi

StartUp, the Podcast About Launching Your Own Company

By now, it’s safe to say that if it’s the brainchild of This American Life, we’ll be obsessed with it (anyone else experiencing Serial withdrawal?) So we were psyched to hear about StartUp, a new podcast in which former TAL producer Alex Blumberg (whose story about a cotton t-shirt won a Peabody award last year)

Radio Show Recap: Live from CES 2015

This year’s annual Consumer Electronics Show from the Las Vegas Convention Center features over 20,000 products (meaning 10 products every minute), is the length of 28 football fields, and was the location for yesterday’s episode of Dot Complicated! Our guests are all major players at CES 2015, which wraps up tomorrow. First up were Michael Gorman,

The Nokia 215 is the World’s Cheapest Smartphone

In these days of $600 iPhones, could you even fathom a cellular device costing less than $30? Prepare to have your mind blown. The new Nokia 215 costs just $29. Microsoft, which bought Nokia last year, is calling it the “most affordable Internet-ready phone.” Like most of the company’s past models, the Nokia 215 isn’t

Plowz Will Clear Snow from Your Driveway

The only thing worse than getting caught in a snowstorm is coming home to a driveway covered in the white stuff when you finally make it home. Plowz, a new app that lets you book and pay for a snowplow with just a few taps. Think of it as Uber for snow removal. ”I got the idea