Radio Show Recap: Connecting with the Experts Online

Continuing education is becoming more attainable even with our busy schedules, but how do we trust someone’s abilities as an expert? And if you are an expert, how do you market yourself and get users to commit to more than one class? We recently tackled the growing trend on “Dot Complicated with Randi Zuckerberg on

6 Gadgets That Make Traveling Way Easier

Whether you’re taking a road trip across the state or flying around the world, traveling can be made a whole lot easier (and more comfortable) if you’re equipped with the tools of the trade. Ask any frequent flyer, jet setter, professional athlete or business person whether they have a must-have travel item, and the answer

Bechdel Test creator named MacArthur “Genius”

Quick – name a film that 1) has two female characters 2) who talk to each other 3) about something other than a man? Tougher than you might think, right? If you’ve seen this quiz before, thank Alison Bechdel – artist, feminist icon, and newly minted MacArthur Genuis. She’s in good company. Her fellow Genius

A Mom’s Day in Tweets

It’s not like I’m a social media addict. But if I was, and I live tweeted my day, it might look something like this. You. Guys. It’s *way* too early. Go back 2 bed. #itsstilldarkoutside Great, now u woke ur sister up. #iusebadgrammarat5am   It’s ur brother’s turn 2 pick the cartoon. #notheotherbrother I know,

Poof! How to Communicate in the Age of Disappearing Messages

Snapchat is reportedly valued at over $10 billion. So it’s no surprise that Facebook is experimenting with messages that expire – and that brands and organizations are thinking creatively about how to use these types of services to prove that they aren’t just for the teenage set anymore. How can you take advantage of these

Choose Your Own (Interactive!) Adventure

Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books from the ’80s? Technology now allows for adventures with books far beyond what many of us ever imagined possible. From interactive books for kids to grownup mystery game apps to new ways of channeling classic authors, developers are looking at print in a whole new light. Of course,

Radio Show Recap: Wearable Tech

From the runways of New York’s Fall Fashion Week to Diane Von Furstenberg’s signature Google Glasses to the huge announcement from Apple CEO Tim Cook about the upcoming Apple Watch, is the crossover of tech in fashion a mere status symbol or is this a sign of the next big thing in personal style? Take a

Humin Will Make Your iPhone Contacts Obsolete

By this point in life, you probably know a lot of people. And keeping track of all of them (your childhood neighbor, your mom’s new best friend, your kid’s substitute math teacher) can be tricky. Adding people to the list of contacts in your phone probably doesn’t cut it anymore. You need Humin, a new iPhone

Radio Show Recap: How Tech is Changing the NBA

Professional sports are one of the newest, most successful examples of how the digital landscape has once again used innovation to disrupt the game—the game this time being basketball. From engaging fans through social media to tech execs migrating to the pro-sports arena (pun intended), technology has altered how we watch, learn, and interact with

It’s Time to Update: Three Outdated Home Tech Devices

Things have definitely changed from the days when a state-of-the-art home meant having a stereo system and a microwave. But household technology is advancing so quickly. If you think your house has the latest conveniences, think again. Some surprising home technology standards are fast becoming old news. Check out these brand new updates to some