Reflections on 2016’s Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day

Earlier this year, former White Sox ringer, Adam LaRoche, retired from baseball—and a $13 million-dollar-a-year salary—after being told his 14-year-old son could no longer be in the locker room with him. This expensive decision brought up, once again, the impossibility of a complete 50-50 work / life balance. So one has to choose, family first or is your job off limits? [Read More]

Radio Recap: Thinking Differently

To be a successful entrepreneur one must first create a new mindset—one with a set of values and perspectives that will carry through their business as they aim for greatness. It’s this different thinking that prepares the mind of the [Read More]

Change In Our Pocket: Harriet Tubman on the $20

Score one for the fore-mothers of America as earlier this week the US Treasury Department announced Harriet Tubman will now replace President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. Discussion of this change has been in the works for awhile, from everything to a vote [Read More]

Radio Recap: ‘YouTuber of the Year’ Casey Neistat

YouTube phenom, Casey Neistat, truly has a rags-to-riches story to tell—one that he showcases almost daily in his widely popular vlogs, which have already garnered almost 3 million subscribers on YouTube and over 600 million views. A director, producer, authentic [Read More]

Tax Time! Are You Ready?

Tax Day has become the Christmas for identity thieves. Between visits to your accountant, working full-time, and scavenging for financial documents, we often put security on the back burner during tax season. We often don’t think about secure passwords while filing our taxes online, or the [Read More]

April 12th = Equal Pay Day

April 12th marks Equal Pay Day—a day women have celebrated never. This date is symbolic of the amount of time it takes women's pay to catch up with their male counterpart's salary from the year before—even decades after the Equal Pay Act was signed into law by [Read More]

Apply the Science of Happiness to Accelerate Success

  After working in many high-achieving environments like Yale, Stanford, Silicon Valley, New York City, I noticed too many people were pursuing "success" at a cost to themselves. They were postponing their happiness now in pursuit of success with the idea that, when they attain [Read More]

Social Media’s Impact on Modern Parenting

It’s no secret that we are living in an increasingly digital society. This is a beautiful advancement, enhancing our lives in ways unimaginable a decade ago. We use our smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices [Read More]

Get the Most Out of Your Mobile Devices

Do you ever feel like your smartphone is too smart for its own good? Or wish you could do more with your tablet than watch Netflix? Lucky for those of us who don't find mobile [Read More]

Radio Recap: Women Who Code

Researchers from Cal-Poly and North Carolina University recently found that the open-source programming women provided on code repository, GitHub, was rated higher than then their male counterparts, yet was often rejected due to gender bias. [Read More]

Women’s History Month: Razia Sultan

Razia Sultan is the only woman ever to be crowned the Sultan of Delhi. After the death of Razia’s father, her brother was crowned sultan but was killed less than seven months on the throne. From 1236 to 1240, [Read More]