4 Apps for 2016’s Presidential Election

1. Hillary 2016 App:  This is a free download on iOS, with Android version forthcoming. It puts you in charge of a digital regional office for the Hillary 2016 campaign. You're tasked with turning it into a bustling campaign HQ by buying upgrades like new posters, office furniture, art, and more, by collecting starts—the game's in-app currency. But you don't pay [Read More]

Radio Recap: Live from the Democratic National Convention!

Dot Complicated with Randi Zuckerberg was LIVE from Radio Row  at this year’s 47th Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. The DNC started Monday, July 25th and runs to Thursday July 28 With over 18000 hotel [Read More]

3 Craziest Pokémon Go Stories …. According to Us

Augmented reality mobile game Pokémon Go has now achieved record Apple Store downloads in the first week, is more popular than Facebook (in terms of time spent), and has been personally responsible for the break up of at least one couple, [Read More]

Radio Recap: Sex Toy Tech

What do a clinical psychologist and mechanical engineer have in common? No, it’s not the set-up for a joke. They’re each one half of Dame Products—a sex toy company founded by women, for women, and 80% staffed by women. Alexandra [Read More]

Using social media to fight shaming

Playboy model and radio host Dani Mathers posted a picture body shaming a naked woman at a Los Angeles gym to her SnapChat account.  She captioned the photo with, "If I can't unsee this then you can't either." LA Fitness, the gym Mathers was at, [Read More]

Radio Recap: Ice Cream with Purpose

Jennie Dundas (left) and Alexis Gallivan (right), co-founders of Blue Marble Jennie Dundas and Alexis Gallivan are making the guilty pleasure of ice cream infinitely less guilty with artisanal, organic Blue Marble ice cream that comes with a twofold goal: One, in [Read More]

Using Social Media to Highlight Injustice

On Wednesday, July 6th, Philando Castile was shot and killed by a Falcon Heights, MN police officer. His girlfriend, Diamond 'Lavish' Reynolds, recorded the aftermath of the deadly encounter on Facebook Live to share what happened with the world. Her first words to the [Read More]

Radio Recap: Daymond John

Daymond John is a world-renowned marketing and branding guru. As founder & CEO, Daymond John led his company, FUBU, to over $6 billion in sales and revolutionized the fashion industry in the process. Today, he [Read More]

After a Fatality, What is the Future of Self-Driving Cars?

After the May 7th fatal accident using the autopilot feature in the Tesla Model S sedan that killed Joshua Brown, the US Government has officially announced the first fatality in a wreck involving a car in self-driving [Read More]

Radio Recap: Startup Accelerators

For many entrepreneurs in the tech space, being a part of something larger has helped get business off the ground quicker than going at it alone—which is why more and more startups are turning to [Read More]

How Brexit Will Affect the Tech World

Now that the UK has officially voted to leave the European Union with a near 50/50 vote on Brexit, the major players in the tech sector of Britain are speaking out about the impending leave. Since [Read More]