Radio Show Recap: Being Entrepreneurial Inside a Large Company

Entrepreneurial behavior is usually thought of as risk and reward—dropping out of college and moving to Silicon Valley, for example—but that’s not always the case. Companies are now providing opportunities for entrepreneurial behavior within their walls. With this trend becoming increasingly more commonplace, employers now are even looking specifically for the entrepreneurial skill set during

Beyond Etsy: How Homemade Products Bring Mass Appeal

Thanks to the internet, buying local has never been so easy. People from all over the world are able to sell their handmade items through Facebook and Etsy. Homegrown success generates massive appeal and a personal connection that corporate, factory-made items will always lack. But Etsy isn’t the only online source for fantastic handmade goods. Check

Immersion, the Ultimate Email Scanner

Ever wonder if your inbox is a true reflection of the most important people in your life? Immersion, a free new web tool developed by two graduate students at M.I.T., securely scans your email and derives discoveries about how you know the various people in your life. Here’s how it works: Once you grant Immersion secure

The Benefits of Today’s Many (Many) Devices

Last week while on a trip home from the grocery store, I hit a curb and blew a tire. Upon pulling over, I immediately felt the panic setting in. Not only did I have two small kids with me, but I also hundreds of dollars worth of groceries in my trunk that needed refrigeration. After running through “what

Radio Show Recap: Conscious Consumerism and Ethical Journalism

If your purchases can help someone in need or you can pay your dollars forward in a socially conscious way, wouldn’t you be more apt to shop from that brand? On yesterday’s “Dot Complicated” radio show, Randi spoke to those actively involved in conscious commerce. From ethical journalism to Buy One Give One models, here’s

Was There Life Before Technology?

I remember when I received my first cell phone. The year was 2005, and the phone was a Nokia 3120. It was silver and white, with the buttons and screen uncovered for quick access. I begged my mother for a phone, any type of phone. Granted, it was not a Motorola RAZR as I had

The App That Will Save your Holidays

The holidays are almost upon us, and while we’re thrilled about bonding with the people we love most, we’re not exactly looking forward to lugging packages to the post office and waiting (and waiting and waiting) in line to send them. Those interminable days may be over, thanks to a new startup called Shyp. Here’s how

The Doll Every Young Girl Should Be Playing With

America has a glaring double standard when it comes to teaching children about gender roles through toys. It’s mostly common knowledge now that dolls like Bratz and Barbie present an unhealthy, unrealistic image for little girls. But two newly minted female engineers are setting out to change that, and have developed a successor to last season’s groundbreaking

Microsoft and the Gender Pay Gap

By Randi Zuckerberg At the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing on Thursday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella put his foot in his mouth when asked about the gender pay gap in Silicon Valley. Asked about how women should approach asking for a raise, he replied that women need to “have faith that the system will actually

The Blurred Lines of Work Dynamics in the Age of Connectivity

Originally posted on Paypal Community on October 2. Can you even remember a time when we had separation between our personal and professional lives online? Before the days of weekend and late night emails from your boss, before your eager new coworker friended you within five minutes on the job, or before someone you met

Radio Show Recap: Healthcare & Technology

With technology changing all the many facets of life, it was only a matter of time before healthcare became another conquest of the digital world. Never before have we been so connected to medical information and medical providers as we are today. Now, instead of relying on self-medication or grandma’s passed down remedies, a throbbing