Radio Recap: Mark Fisher Fitness + How to Fail

Mark Fisher is the founder of one of the most notorious fitness studios in the nation. Having gone from a self-proclaimed workout nerd acting in regional theater gigs to becoming the biggest Broadway-body rebuilder out there, Mark Fisher Fitness is anything but a regular gym. Combining performance art and weight training, Mark Fisher has found a niche for even the [Read More]

Radio Recap: A Better Balance + Jewelbots

Three-quarters of women entering the workforce will become pregnant on the job yet huge gaps in civil rights laws leave some women without any protection. While federal and state laws ban discrimination against pregnant women in the workplace, employers are [Read More]

Radio Recap: Giving Back

With Thanksgiving less than 24 hours away, I thought I’d bring in two guests who aren’t only giving back this holiday season—they’re inspiring a world of change. My first guest on 'Dot Complicated with Randi Zuckerberg' is  Komal Minhas, is a [Read More]

Radio Recap: Growth Advisors & NY Tech Meetups

Research shows that small business owners who utilize growth advisors are more likely to experience a 20% growth rate, which might not sound like a lot on paper, but a 20% growth rate is usually the tipping point where most [Read More]

Radio Recap: 2016 Election Recap

It’s officially over. Yesterday’s historically monumental—and completely nerve wracking—election marks the most divisive election to date. Anyone who remembers going to sleep during the Bush / Gore election of 2000 also remembers waking up under a completely different regime than originally thought— which is [Read More]

Radio Recap: Uncharted Play with Jessica O. Matthews

Imagine that kicking a soccer ball for thirty minutes could generate enough energy to light a lamp for 3 hours or—better yet— imagine you could charge your iPhone’s dying battery by jumping rope for a few minutes. Not only is it possible, it’s already [Read More]

Radio Recap: Corporate Anthropology + Awesome Institute

Years ago Google hired on its first of many ethnographers to ferret out the meaning of mobile. Intel, too, has an in-house cultural anthropologist, and Microsoft is reportedly the second-largest employer of anthropologists in the world. Today on 'Dot Complicated with Randi Zuckerberg' Dr. Andi Simon, corporate anthropologist [Read More]

Radio Recap: How We Made DOT!

Turning a children’s book into an animated program is the stuff of dreams. I know because it’s happening to me RIGHT NOW. Shortly after I published my first children’s book, DOT, the Jim Henson Company [Read More]

Radio Recap: Content Creation + Marketing New Gadgets

72% of all marketers have some sort of content strategy in place, yet 70% of marketers lack a consistent, or integrated, content strategy—meaning sure, they have one, but it’s probably not working. What about the [Read More]

Radio Recap: From Blog to Business

Imagine you could turn your lifestyle blog into a steady income that eventually allows you to quit your day job. It might be the ultimate dream but there’s no easy path to get there. Out [Read More]

Radio Recap: Vetrepreneurs

Military training is said to be excellent preparation for a career in business leadership. Veterans bring entrepreneurial qualities like discipline, perspective, leadership ability, and handling pressure under fire as some of the most important skills [Read More]