How Brexit Will Affect the Tech World

Now that the UK has officially voted to leave the European Union with a near 50/50 vote on Brexit, the major players in the tech sector of Britain are speaking out about the impending leave. Since much of the UK's technology industry is in London—a city that greatly benefitted from the EU—the smaller towns that do not reap the benefits of [Read More]

Radio Recap: Making a Living Through the Words of Others

  Content analysis blog, Pricenomics, claims the Internet is now overrun by poorly managed content mills. Content mills—or farms as they’re sometimes called—employ droves of freelance writers to generate original, SEO-packed content specifically designed to reach maximum readability and share-ability [Read More]

Congrats to Dot Complicated Essay Contest Winner: Adam Welcome “Being A Digital Dad”

Congratulations to Adam Welcome! Read his winning essay below!   “Dad, you’re on your phone a lot lately, probably too much actually” My five year old daughter doesn’t miss a beat, she can tell I’ve been overly wired lately and I [Read More]

Radio Recap: Telepresence Robots

 If you’ve ever seen something that looks like an iPad on a Segway, you’ve just witnessed the future. These are called telepresence robots and they’re becoming more commonplace as their mobility and connectivity add a new dimension to remote communication [Read More]

Gearing Up for 2016’s Tony Awards

 This year's 70th Annual Tony Awards are happening LIVE this Sunday, June 12th at 8pm ET on CBS. Hosted by late night talk show host and Tony Award winner for his work in One Man, Two Guvnors, James Corden, this year's Tonys will be Livestreamed complete [Read More]

Radio Recap: Creating Tony Award-Winners

Broadway musical ‘Hamilton’ has made history, not only as the sold-out smash hip-hop musical hit of America’s first Treasury secretary, but it’s also received a record-breaking 16 Tony Award nominations and its creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, has even won a Pulitzer Prize for the show. [Read More]

Where Do Emoji Come From?

Unicode 9.0 recently announced 72 new emoji coming our way on June 21, 2016. From a pregnant woman emoji to a selfie emoji to a facepalm emoji, this new batch hopes to keep the picture word craze alive. But just where do emojis come from [Read More]

Radio Recap: Millennials & Money with Congressional Candidate Erin Schrode

Millennials (those aged 18 to 35) have now surpassed the Baby Boomer generation as not only the largest living generation, but also are now the biggest voter population in the country. Millennials are also those [Read More]

Augmented & Virtual Realities—What to Expect

If there's one thing that's true about virtual reality and augmented reality, it's that we haven't even scratched the surface of the technology's potential. That doesn't mean there aren't thousands of individuals and companies doing [Read More]

Radio Recap: From Broadway to Wall Street

Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t usually a first job for most. Compared to more traditional careers, entrepreneurship is risky, demanding, and requires plenty of capital, so working a steady job before starting your own company can [Read More]

The Etiquette of Tipping in the Rideshare Economy

Ride-sharing wunderkind, Uber, is perhaps third-best known (after its legal battles and of course the illuminating, Travis Kalanick) for its policy about tipping:  Hail an Uber, get to location, all without any physical transaction between [Read More]