Parenting in the Age of Social Media

With social media on just about every device, parents have new fears to keep them awake at night. Around 95% of teens between the ages of 12 and 17 are online, and 81% of them use social media sites regularly, according to a recent study from the Pew Research institution. Younger children are also logging

So You’ve Taken the Ice Bucket Challenge. Now What?

Unless you’re living under an Internet rock, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has probably monopolized your Facebook feed over the past few weeks. Everyone from Justin Bieber to Ben Affleck to Anna Wintour has taken a cold shower to raise money for research on Lou Gehrig’s disease. But how can other charities compete? Will copycat

Elevate, An App Made for Your Brain

It’s no joke that smartphones have made us chronically unfocused (hi, Candy Crush), so we’re making room for a feature that can do something good for our minds. Elevate is a free app that’s designed to improve your cognitive abilities (speaking, writing, reading, and listening) through a series of sharply-designed brain exercises. To get started,

Ten Ways To Bring Your Past Into The Future

Of all the new things technology allows us to do, it’s funny how much we use it to recall our favorite memories of days gone by. Whether we’re pulling up the lyrics to Bell Biv Devoe, taking a quiz to find out which Muppet we are, or tracing our family tree, the Internet has made

3 New Tech Devices for Back to School

As the school year begins, your kids are probably wishing for the hottest new devices. But students need more than the latest tablet or smartphone, and it makes sense to step off the beaten path and find technology that will enhance their school experience. Here are my top three picks: StickNFind Keeping track of belongings can

Let Your Tablet Entertain You

Have you noticed that more people are canceling their cable in favor of streaming services? Many viewers now watch movies and television shows on their tablet devices via platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, and Hulu Plus. With the rising costs of cable, nixing that bill can save you a chunk of money every

OneDay, A Movie-Making App

Right now, my youngest child is a precocious three-year old. While she can talk up a storm and has a rather impressive vocabulary (a gift of being the third child, it seems), one of my favorite things about the way she talks is when she doesn’t quite get it right. I love the way she

Knozen, the App to Watch Out for at Work

By Ashley Mateo. The average American works over 40 hours a week, which means we’re spending a major chunk of our life in the office. So, it makes sense that the line between co-worker and friend would blur, making some of our professional relationships more personal. It’s a tricky tightrope to walk, especially when your

5 Apps To Help You Perfect Your Selfie

By Ashley Mateo We are living in the age of the selfie. The word has made it into the dictionary, Scrabble games, and even has its own song. But the perfect selfie itself can actually be quite elusive — and we all have the photo streams full of duplicate shots to prove it. Why, exactly,

Get Busy Slowing Down

By Adrianna G. Bevilaqua Just last week I was on the road for work shuffling through an airport with my Bluetooth on as I tried to dial into a conference call.  I kept trying to remember that dang access code as I toggled between the screen of my outlook, which stored my dial in number, and

How Starting A Blog Changed My Career Path

By Holly Rust Two years ago I read an article in a prominent business magazine discussing the importance of having a blog for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. The article expressed how blogging not only builds brand awareness, whatever that may be, but it also broadens your network ten-fold. We all know it’s not so