Build Your Own App with DWNLD

Ever think about building your own app? Introducing DWNLD. It’s like a WordPress for phones that makes it affordable and easy for any content creator to convert their website or social stream into a personalized app. DWNLD has an an easy-to-use platform and foolproof templates (no coding required) for a monthly hosting fee ($15, cancel

Radio Show Recap: Parenting in the Digital Age

When should you introduce your children to technology? How much is too much? How is technology changing the approach to parenting? These concerns are as Dot Complicated as it gets. While children should be kept tech literate, screen time should not replace outside time or friend time. Randi’s book DOT explores technology but also teaches kids that

Apps & Honey for the New Year

  It’s that time of year again. Time to ask for inscription in the (Face)book of life and be absolved of all our digital sins. Technology is making atonement far more complicated than it used to be: Our sins go beyond what we say out loud to every shortsighted tweet, every time we use caps

How to Buy Art Online

Not everyone has the ability to walk into a gallery and buy the work they love right off the walls. But thanks to the internet, you can now find quality pieces from great unknown talents, as well as prints by well-known, established artists. Check out our favorite sites for buying art online. Bare walls, be gone!

Momnesia Is Real – And I Have It

If you’re a mom you’ve heard of the term “baby brain,” and have most likely even experienced it yourself.  Lately I’ve been living in a constant state of Momnesia, so I can say without a doubt, “baby brain” exists. Ironically this brain fog commonly associated with pregnancy and new motherhood was something my friends forgot

6 Gadgets That Make Traveling Way Easier

Whether you’re taking a road trip across the state or flying around the world, traveling can be made a whole lot easier (and more comfortable) if you’re equipped with the tools of the trade. Ask any frequent flyer, jet setter, professional athlete or business person whether they have a must-have travel item, and the answer

Radio Show Recap: Connecting with the Experts Online

Continuing education is becoming more attainable even with our busy schedules, but how do we trust someone’s abilities as an expert? And if you are an expert, how do you market yourself and get users to commit to more than one class? We recently tackled the growing trend on “Dot Complicated with Randi Zuckerberg on

Bechdel Test creator named MacArthur “Genius”

Quick – name a film that 1) has two female characters 2) who talk to each other 3) about something other than a man? Tougher than you might think, right? If you’ve seen this quiz before, thank Alison Bechdel – artist, feminist icon, and newly minted MacArthur Genuis. She’s in good company. Her fellow Genius

A Mom’s Day in Tweets

It’s not like I’m a social media addict. But if I was, and I live tweeted my day, it might look something like this. You. Guys. It’s *way* too early. Go back 2 bed. #itsstilldarkoutside Great, now u woke ur sister up. #iusebadgrammarat5am   It’s ur brother’s turn 2 pick the cartoon. #notheotherbrother I know,

Poof! How to Communicate in the Age of Disappearing Messages

Snapchat is reportedly valued at over $10 billion. So it’s no surprise that Facebook is experimenting with messages that expire – and that brands and organizations are thinking creatively about how to use these types of services to prove that they aren’t just for the teenage set anymore. How can you take advantage of these