The Doll Every Young Girl Should Be Playing With

America has a glaring double standard when it comes to teaching children about gender roles through toys. It’s mostly common knowledge now that dolls like Bratz and Barbie present an unhealthy, unrealistic image for little girls. But two newly minted female engineers are setting out to change that, and have developed a successor to last season’s groundbreaking

Microsoft and the Gender Pay Gap

By Randi Zuckerberg At the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing on Thursday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella put his foot in his mouth when asked about the gender pay gap in Silicon Valley. Asked about how women should approach asking for a raise, he replied that women need to “have faith that the system will actually

The Blurred Lines of Work Dynamics in the Age of Connectivity

Originally posted on Paypal Community on October 2. Can you even remember a time when we had separation between our personal and professional lives online? Before the days of weekend and late night emails from your boss, before your eager new coworker friended you within five minutes on the job, or before someone you met

Radio Show Recap: Healthcare & Technology

With technology changing all the many facets of life, it was only a matter of time before healthcare became another conquest of the digital world. Never before have we been so connected to medical information and medical providers as we are today. Now, instead of relying on self-medication or grandma’s passed down remedies, a throbbing

Meet Jibo, the First “Family” Robot

Meet Jibo ($599), an 11-inch-tall “family robot” that’s able to see, hear, speak, learn, and help with a variety of tasks around your house. Think of Jibo (currently available for preorder and set to ship in April 2016) as Siri with more physical capabilities. Jibo can sing and dance. He can greet you and remind you to call mom.

Ello There!

Were you an early adapter on Twitter back in 2007? Do you have your first name as your Gmail account? Were you on Facebook with a .edu address? If you answered yes to any of these, you’re probably already signed up and posting away on Ello, the new, slightly mysterious social media platform that launched

Wearable Tech–It’s Not Just for Adults

Parents concerned about the whereabouts of their children (especially those who don’t remember to check in) may soon have their fears alleviated by a new wearable GPS device designed specifically for kids. The Japanese-made Docotch 01 watch, to be released in the U.S. in March 2015, helps parents keep close tabs on their youngsters. The device has

Build Your Own App with DWNLD

Ever think about building your own app? Introducing DWNLD. It’s like a WordPress for phones that makes it affordable and easy for any content creator to convert their website or social stream into a personalized app. DWNLD has an an easy-to-use platform and foolproof templates (no coding required) for a monthly hosting fee ($15, cancel

Radio Show Recap: Parenting in the Digital Age

When should you introduce your children to technology? How much is too much? How is technology changing the approach to parenting? These concerns are as Dot Complicated as it gets. While children should be kept tech literate, screen time should not replace outside time or friend time. Randi’s book DOT explores technology but also teaches kids that

Apps & Honey for the New Year

  It’s that time of year again. Time to ask for inscription in the (Face)book of life and be absolved of all our digital sins. Technology is making atonement far more complicated than it used to be: Our sins go beyond what we say out loud to every shortsighted tweet, every time we use caps