Coping With Death on Social Media

People once found out about a family member or friend’s passing in the newspaper or through a phone call, but today social media is a common way to spread such personal, tragic news. On the one hand, this can be a good thing: When somebody dies, social media facilitates a shared grieving; friends from all

Randi’s Top 11 Ways To Unplug This Summer

In this tech-heavy age, we’re so attached to our devices that we sometimes forget they have off switches. But our digital dependence can take a serious toll on our well-being. This summer, curb your tech habit with Randi’s easy unplugging tricks. You’ll have time to build real-life relationships, relax, and experience the season to its

How the Web Helped Me Plan Cheap Dates

On the nights that I have a date, I have high hopes that we will be able to do whatever we want and not have to think about money. There has been the chance occasion where credit card rewards have worked out well, but the trend seems to be that by the time we find

Is It Time For A Social Media Makeover?

As social media becomes more of a permanent fixture in our everyday lives, I think it’s important to understand some unwritten rules. Social media’s sole purpose is to share information by connecting with others. It can be a very powerful platform for social change and spreading awareness, but it has also been known as a

How to Fact-Check the News You Read Online

In the wake of breaking-news events, social media goes haywire with first-to-respond reports and anecdotes. Online, anybody can call themselves a journalist. With a deluge of information, how do you know what you’re reading on the Internet is, well, real? These resources can help separate fact from fiction. Storyful’s Open Newsroom: Storyful’s global team of

Would You Use an App to Monitor Your Mental Health?

We use fitness and health tracking apps to gauge how many calories we burn and how much sleep we get at night. Now there’s an app that monitors your mental health. Startup analyzes smartphone behavior for signs of depression, schizophrenia, and other mental health issues, using your phone’s motion accelerometer and global positioning to measure where, how,

How to Prepare Your Car for Summer Road Trips

With summer officially underway, many families are heading out on vacations, and that means road trips. Whether you’re taking a long-distance road trip or embarking on a simple weekend  getaway, there are several things you can — and should — do to make sure your car is reliable, ready and able to make the trip


I’m going to confess this right now – I love emoji. And I’m not alone. With a new emoji-only messaging app set to launch, it’s undeniable these little icons have made their way into the hearts, tweets and instant messages of social media users right around the world. But before we take a look at

The Do’s and Don’ts of Kickstarter

Recently, aspiring chef Zack “Danger” Brown of Columbus, Ohio wanted to try making potato salad. His solution? Launch a Kickstarter campaign with a $10 goal for the culinary undertaking. The campaign has only been live for two weeks, and has raised a whopping $50,638 from more than 6,000 backers. The Kickstarter has exceeded Brown’s wildest

Apps Every Small Business Owner Needs

When a friend from college decided to turn his hobby of playing violin into a career, he got serious and incorporated his band as a registered business. Starting a small business is challenging enough for anyone, but for my friend it was even more so because frankly he’s more of a musician than a businessman.

The New Waterproof Kindle

We thought it was pretty tough to improve upon the Kindle Paperwhite, but a company called Waterfi has just answered our beachside reading prayers with the waterproofed Kindle ($240). It looks and functions exactly like the ordinary Amazon version, but it’s coated with a clear gel, inside and out, that makes it immune to water damage.