Top 5 Apps for Millennials

  Before you can effectively market to a Millennial, there’s a few questions every company needs to ask: What do Millennials value, what do they buy, and what do they want in the future? The best way to answer these questions is by asking Millennials themselves, and one of the best ways to find out

Radio Recap: Millennials

  If you’ve ever wondered if you’re part of Generation Y—otherwise known as the Millennial generation—you’d have to born between the years 1981 and 2000 to be one of 2.5 billion young influencers globally. Millennials are the most educated and technologically savvy generation yet—plus, with the Millennials’ median income set to grow exponentially over the

5 Favorite Wedding Apps

Yesterday on ‘Dot Complicated with Randi Zuckerberg,’ guests Naa-Sakle Akuete, who nailed her dream wedding by spending only $10,000, and Carolyn Gerin, the co-founder of the WedTech Summit, an annual wedding and technology conference, both gave listeners their Top 5 Favorite Apps to plan a wedding. With the national average for a wedding in the US

Radio Recap: Wedding Tech

Currently weddings are a $300 billion dollar global industry employing over 800,000 people in the United States alone. And now, with the recent legalization of gay marriage in all 50 states, the marriage business is set to gain another $2.5 billion dollars annually. So if technology has made our lives easier, more efficient, and more

Top 5 Favorite Apps

On this week’s back-to-school episode of ‘Dot Complicated with Randi Zuckerberg’ life coach Erica Diamond gave her Top 5 Favorite Apps: 1. One Note  FREE – iOS & Android  Screenshot the schoolyear calendar or your favorite cookbook recipes, clip your kids artwork, report cards, or store design ideas for your bathroom redesign and store it all in the cloud! Think of it

Radio Recap: Back-to-School Tech

Last year families with two children or more averaged around $650 on back-to-school items. But for 2015 it’s already been estimated that consumers are cutting back, averaging out to about $207 per student—down from $244 in 2014. While U.S. consumers are estimated to spend about $68 billion on back-to-school and back-to-college items this year—down 9%

Why You Need to Know Your Kids’ Passwords

By Kay Bransford Our kids are online constantly and most of us have no idea exactly our kids are getting into. We’ve talked with them about the permanence of the medium, counseled them on how to behave and interact with others, but yet we still fail to recognize that we have rights, as parents, to

Radio Recap: Retail & Tech

Now that we’re a little over eight years from the launch of the first iPhone, retailers have learned that to win over its customers, convenience is key and smartphones are leading the charge. Whether it’s through mobile sites or mobile apps, the smartphone has streamlined the purchase-making decision process by allowing buyers to connect to

Radio Recap: Mobile Tickets

Now that mobile payments currently account for a little more than half of all e-commerce, mobile ticketing can also help increase revenue for ticket vendors and entertainment events alike. No-shows and empty seats are a thing of the past as mobile ticket providers can sell last second seats with the ability to sell tickets up

Radio Recap: Travel Apps

  Currently over 60% of smartphone owners have downloaded some sort of travel-related app. Of those, 30% have booked a last minute reservation from their phone and 24% of both business and leisure travelers have paid for their trip via mobile, all totaling an estimated $150 billion dollars spent in just mobile bookings alone. Today

Radio Recap: Bitcoin

As is stands now, two-thirds of all in-person transactions are made through credit cards, which reveals your name and address with every sale transacted. Credit cards are regularly hacked so much so that 1/3 of all online credit card transactions in London are fraudulent. Credit card companies also rack up over $50 billion dollars in