Radio Show Recap: Wine and Technology

Over 90% of U.S. marketed wines come from California. With over 110 grape varieties and 3000 wineries in California State alone, wine is a multi-million dollar industry that, too, has been affected by technology. Here are just ten ways tech, in some form, has altered the traditional forms of winemaking: 1) Biodynamic viticulture—a.k.a. using organic methods

Coming to Terms with Being a Multi-Tasking Mama

Maybe you can’t have it ALL. But thanks to technology, you can do a pretty great job faking it! By Randi Zuckerberg. Now that I have a three-year-old son who needs to get ready for school, a one-month-old baby who wants to eat every five minutes, a bleary-eyed husband who heroically takes the 5am feeding

How Tech Can Simplify Your Holidays

The holidays are one of the busiest times of the year, filled with parties, ugly sweaters, and watching the ball drop. With the season of giving quickly approaching, we’ve rounded up some unexpected ways a few tried and true sites can make your life easier—from mapping out who’s bringing what to Thanksgiving dinner to picking the perfect

Use Scoopshot to Get Paid for Your Instagram Photos

You love snapping pics of your adorable five-year-old. But what if you could get paid for the 400 pictures you took at his backyard birthday party last weekend? Meet Scoopshot, an app and crowdsourcing platform where big-name companies (USA Today and Heineken, for example) buy photos and videos from average Joe’s like us for mutually agreed-upon prices. Download the app,

Radio Show Recap: Tech & Politics

Here’s what we learned from the voter turnout during this year’s Midterms: The last time the turnout was this low Adolf Hitler was still in power. Only 36.4% of eligible voters turned out for this year’s election! Nearly 40% of people said they used their phones to keep track of this year’s results. So how

How to Help Eradicate Ebola Online

The deadly Ebola virus seemed like a far-off horror until it made its way to America. And while those rare cases in our country have been cured, in Africa—especially Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone—thousands continue to suffer. The World Health Organization says Ebola has already killed 5,000 people, infected twice that number, and could infect millions in

Checky Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

How many times a day would you say you check your smartphone? Twenty? Fifty? The number is probably way higher than you’d guess–and Checky, a new, free app from the makers of Calm, is here to hold you accountable. Just download the app and allow it to run in the background of your phone, then use it as

Radio Show Recap: Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been considered a Star Trekian impossibility with no potential societal impact. Only the very rich or the very nerdy could get their hands on a VR head-mounted display. But now, thanks to engineers, entrepreneurs, and believers in the possibility of making virtual reality well,  a reality, this emerging technology is accessible and

5 Gadgets You Need for Your Next Flight

Global Entry may be the best thing to have happened to airplane travel since in-flight Wifi, but a few new devices have got us wondering how we ever survived without them. These five genius gadgets have earned a permanent place in our carry-on bags. Apple’s Airport Express. This little white box could be the handiest 7.58 ounces

Radio Show Recap: Being Entrepreneurial Inside a Large Company

Entrepreneurial behavior is usually thought of as risk and reward—dropping out of college and moving to Silicon Valley, for example—but that’s not always the case. Companies are now providing opportunities for entrepreneurial behavior within their walls. With this trend becoming increasingly more commonplace, employers now are even looking specifically for the entrepreneurial skill set during

Beyond Etsy: How Homemade Products Bring Mass Appeal

Thanks to the internet, buying local has never been so easy. People from all over the world are able to sell their handmade items through Facebook and Etsy. Homegrown success generates massive appeal and a personal connection that corporate, factory-made items will always lack. But Etsy isn’t the only online source for fantastic handmade goods. Check