Radio Recap: Women’s Content with Lifetime TV + Swaay Media

On 'Dot Complicated' each episode is dedicated to a different aspect of business or tech that’s making waves. Along with those moving the needle in their respective industries, I help break down what makes these current issues so dang complicated. Today we’ll be discussing why women’s content creation is complicated. And let me tell you, from Michelle Williams getting an [Read More]

Radio Recap: Working Millennials + Adulting Collective

Millennials currently make up the largest portion of the workforce but some employers are worried that the stereotypes of the Millennial generation are true— for one: Serial job hopping. While most career experts says a person should stay in their [Read More]

Radio Recap: The Travel Industry

Hopefully the Bitcoin Boom, Millennial pink everything, and smart home tech hasn’t already totally taken over your life as you ring in this fresh new year set for all kinds of digital disruption. In 2018 here’s no industry set to [Read More]

Radio Recap: Alexandra Silber

Alexandra Silber is a Broadway singer, actress, novelist and an incredibly passionate speaker. She attended Interlochen Center for the Arts and continued her training at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow, graduating with a degree in Acting just days before her [Read More]

Radio Recap: Julia Landauer +B-Wom

Two-time championship winning NASCAR driver, Julia Landauer, has been making history as the first and youngest female champion in the Skip Barber Racing Series since before she had a driver’s license. After becoming the first woman to win a NASCAR Track Championship at Motor [Read More]

Radio Recap: Be Fierce with Gretchen Carlson

Gretchen Carlson is an acclaimed TV journalist, women's empowerment advocate and author of Be Fierce: Stop Harassment and Take Your Power Back. Raised in Minnesota, Gretchen Carlson started on her path to success graduating as class valedictorian of her high school. Long before her [Read More]

Radio Recap: Wanderu + Science from Scientists

Wanderu now has more than $1 billion in partner ticket sales and generates over $100 million in annual revenue. But life for Wanderu wasn’t always this glossy. The early startup days were filled spent trying to convince transportation companies to partner with the company. [Read More]

Radio Recap: Refinery29 + Leah Busque of TaskRabbit

Piera Gelardi is the Executive Creative Director of Refinery29, the digital media company aimed at women’s lifestyle. Just this year AdWeek announced Refinery29 has an audience of over 500 million globally. Congratulations!! -- PIERA GELARDI [Read More]

Radio Recap: The Abraham Group + Francine Hardaway

Known as one of the top entrepreneurial marketing authorities, Jay Abraham is the CEO of The Abraham Group, an international strategic consulting corporation that advises clients’ on how to multiply their “Relational Capital.” Jay’s clients [Read More]

Radio Recap: Afrotech Conference + Furnishr

This past weekend social media was blowing up with excitement over the second annual Afrotech Conference hosted by Blavity, a black-Millennial-focused media company co-founded by Jonathan Jackson. JONATHAN JACKSON "Afrotech had over 2000 people in [Read More]

Radio Recap: Leslie Picker + Why We Sleep w/ Matthew Walker

Leslie Picker is a hedge fund, private equity and asset management reporter on CNBC. Previously Leslie was a reporter at The New York Times where she covered all things FinTech including restructuring and shareholder activism. [Read More]