Radio Recap: Julie Shapiro + Radiotopia

You may have heard Julie Shapiro reporting on NPR or maybe you’ve heard one of the many storytelling podcasts she’s produced on Radiotopia. Julie Shapiro is the Executive Producer of Radiotopia from Public Radio Exchange, or PRX— a curated network of cutting-edge podcasts like their newest addition, Ear Hustle, which chronicles life in prison from San Quentin prisoners themselves. Julie [Read More]

Radio Recap: Sue’s Tech Kitchen

Today on 'Dot Complicated with Randi Zuckerberg' the newest venture from Zuckerberg Media was the topic of discussion. Sue’s Tech Kitchen is a tech-fueled wonderland for the mouth and the mind. Envisioned by bestselling author and serial entrepreneur designed by [Read More]

Radio Recap: Elite SEM + Scott eVest

Want to work in a hyperflexible workplace with unlimited vacation, subsidized lunches, and a bucket list policy that all comes with a salary that’s age- and experience-blind? Then Elite SEM may be the next job for you. The award-winning digital [Read More]

Radio Recap: Sara Blakely of SPANX

You’ve probably heard of Spanx. Maybe you even own a pair, or two—or six. But did you know that Spanx were born out of a need? Required to wear pantyhose at her then-sales job in humid, muggy Florida, Spanx founder [Read More]

Radio Recap: Littlstar + Thomas Frey

If you’ve ever wanted to join the ladies behind the prison bars in Orange is the New Black or move from sitting in the nosebleed seats to being on the court for the next NBA Finals, Littlstar can make your dreams come true. Littlstar [Read More]

Radio Recap: MasterClass + Mogul

A few weeks ago on Like or Dislike we asked guests if they’d pay $90 for acting classes from Emmy winner and TONYs host Kevin Spacey, or cooking classes from Hell’s Kitchen’s Gordon Ramsey, or writing classes from TV’s own Shonda Rhimes and the [Read More]

Radio Recap: Adam Alter + TED’s Chris Anderson

Today on Dot Complicated with Randi Zuckerberg two amazing guests who are both not only New York Times’ best-selling authors, but who are at the top of their game in their fields as well sat down to talk shop. Chris Anderson is the current head of [Read More]

Radio Recap: Black Women Talk Tech + Faith Popcorn

On this show we often discuss how difficult it can be to break into the technology industry for anyone who isn’t a white male. The same inequalities can also be applied to the tech employee’s [Read More]

Radio Recap: Twist Light + FAB Mom

As the number of smart home products increase, solutions to everyday problems are decreased. Many home devices are too pricey, too complicated to install, or work only a fraction of the time. Enter Twist Home, [Read More]

Radio Recap : Melody Wilding + Soundcast

It’s said we make about 35,000 decisions on a typical day—what to wear, when to wake up, what to eat— but studies show all of these choices can lead to “decision fatigue,” which stems from [Read More]

Radio Recap: Pixies Did It + Nurture Spa

Let’s say your best friend has to choose a label that sounds most like you. Which one would they pick? A. Dreamer or B. Doer? It’s questions like these that the founders of Pixies Did [Read More]