Radio Show Recap: Content Creation

90% of books are rejected by the first paragraph. Only 2% of books are based on the entire book. 30% of the Top 100 books on Amazon are self-published. Yesterday Randi discussed publishing and how to keep a captive audience with Ben Parr, author of Captivology: The Science of Capturing People’s Attention as well as

Diversity in Business

By Randi Zuckerberg. I spent most of last week engaged in a topic that’s close to my heart: diversity in business. Lack of diversity, specifically in the tech world, is a well documented industry problem. Thankfully, big players like Google, LinkedIn, and Yahoo are owning up to the issue by making their workforce diversity data public and admitting that they need

Why I’m Not Getting my 10-year-old a Cell Phone

One of the worst parenting mistakes I ever made was to give my 8-year-old daughter my old iPhone “just because.” She had been asking – begging – for months.  “EVERY other kid has one/I need to be able to contact you in case of emergency/I’ll only use it for travel,” she pleaded. I caved because,

Kidokey, the Best Way to Keep Your Kids Internet Safe

By Candace Derickx My children are the technology generation—raised from birth with touch screens and wi-fi—the Internet touches almost every aspect of their life from education to socialization. Just like I monitor where they go outside of the house, I also police where they go on the Internet. I often compare letting them loose on

The Women of Silicon Valley

Recently, Newsweek’s cover story was about an all-too familiar subject: sexism in Silicon Valley. The article asserts that women in the tech landscape are still getting funded at drastically lower rates than men, far too few of us are in venture capital partnerships, and Silicon Valley still suffers from a “bro complex.” The article definitely made some waves across

Radio Show Recap: Star Jones!

On today’s Dot Complicated with Randi Zuckerberg special guest author, attorney, TV personality, women’s advocate and heart health crusader Star Jones sat in to discuss diversity in the workplace, safety tips for women, and how to be heart healthy. Here’s what she had to say: “No matter how many times I hear those statistics, it’s

Sherpaa Lets you Get a Virtual Doctor’s Exam

These days, you can ship a casserole across the country without leaving your couch. So why is it so hard to get a fast, reliable answer to a health question? Kiss the waiting room goodbye with Sherpaa, a new digital healthcare service that lets you chat with doctors via phone, email or text message. The

When NOT to Let Your Kids Use the iPad

iPads aren’t evil. They are nifty little gadgets, I think we can all agree. After all, tablets have saved many travelling parents from descending into outright madness. It’s a fact. Yet the key may not lie solely in moderation as it does in strategic timing. New research suggests that using tablets to pacify our kids could

How My Son Racked Up a $1,681 iTunes Bill in One Month

By Angella Dykstra Last Sunday I sat down at my laptop to pay our bills. I logged into my credit card account to get the balance payable (We put everything on our MasterCard and pay it off monthly, because I like free groceries). The total alarmed me, and as I scrolled through the transactions, there were pages

Radio Show Recap: Tech & Travel

When we go on vacation—especially if we unplug—we come back more relaxed and more productive at our jobs. But strangely enough only 60% of Americans would give up junk food, 40% would give up social media, and a mere 9% would give up their phone—all for one extra day of vacation. And excuses for not

Four Strategies to Encourage Your Creativity In 2015

Do you want to be more creative? I think we all do, deep down inside; let’s be honest. And while I’m being open, I’ll also admit to wishing I was taller and better at physics. But let’s focus on what’s achievable. And that’s creativity. We all have great creative potential; it’s just a matter of