Radio Recap: Women of Blockchain

According to Bitcoin news outlet, CoinDance, as of May 2018, 95% of Bitcoin engagement and participation comes from men and only 5% from women. The related world of cryptocurrency is filled with tales of “Blockchain Bros” takeovers, like at a recent Bitcoin Conference where only 3 women spoke out of  the 88 listed. Another crypto-conference held their party at a strip club. And [Read More]

Radio Recap: The Gold Business

Gold and silver were the primary form of money for centuries. Even the word “gold” still triggers thoughts of wealth. It took several centuries for people to shift from precious metals to adopting paper money, which didn’t hold the intrinsic [Read More]

Radio Recap: Human-Computer Interaction

Imagine you go to three different restaurants and order something spicy at each one. At the first restaurant,  you have to call for the waiter to get you a glass of water. At the second restaurant the waiter, knowing your [Read More]

Radio Recap: Teen Tech Titans

There is no lack of negative stereotypes surrounding teenage girls: Even Former Secretary of State, John Kerry, likened all teenage girls to having insecurity problems. While teen girls often get stereotyped as moody, dramatic, or irritable, these stereotypical archetypes of [Read More]

Radio Recap: For Women by Women

  Currently, three out of 10 American businesses are owned by women; women-owned businesses are 1.7x more productive than male owned businesses; women-owned businesses contribute over $1 trillion to the economy and employ 8 million Americans. Meanwhile global spending by women is set to [Read More]

Radio Recap: The Future of Fitness

Business is booming for the health and fitness industry, which topped a whopping $30 billion this year. Many say fitness is an internet-resistant sector because it’s one that actually requires a human interface to work. After all, you can’t get in shape just lying [Read More]

Radio Recap: Tech of the Future

MPOWERD Luci Light In the past century, life expectancy was less than 35 years, 94% of the global population lived in extreme poverty, and less than 20% of the population was literate. Fast forward to the present day where human life expectancy is [Read More]

Radio Recap: Playing the Long Game

Inc. Magazine’s Alyssa Satara recently shared the forward-thinking ideas of the Millennial, Forbes’ 30 to Watch Under 30, med-tech founder of NeoLight—a company that aims to bring new technology to neonatal care. Because med-tech is [Read More]

Radio Recap: Live Entertainment in VR

 From Johnny English to Weird Al Yankovic, virtual reality is set to take over cinemas this fall with Oculus VR’s new platform, Venues. Created to deliver all sorts of entertainment experiences like live events, sports, [Read More]

Radio Recap: Tech + Society

According to Wikipedia, a ‘technology society’ refers to the cyclical co-dependence, co-influence, and co-production tech and society have upon one other. While it’s no surprise that technology influences society’s values, technology is influenced by our values, too. Our [Read More]

Radio Recap: AI + Venture Capital + Diversity

A recent report from global boutique investment bank, Drake Star Partners, revealed that, in 2017, venture capital investments toward the American artificial intelligence and machine-learning industry reached $6 billion while global investments in AI companies [Read More]