Radio Recap: Intention & Meditation in the Workplace

How can you quiet your mind and better prepare yourself for the peaceful practices of meditation and intention when there are already not enough hours in the day to finish the simplest of tasks? Answering these questions today were Chris Pan founder of MyIntent, Dina Kaplan founder of The Path, and esteemed holistic health advocate

Bruno, the World’s First “Smart” Garbage Can

There’s a certain pattern to cleaning the kitchen, and some of the last two steps including taking the trash out and sweeping up the floor. While the need to heft the bag of garbage out to the dumpster hasn’t yet been eliminated, the folks behind Bruno are pining to make the dust pan obsolete. Bruno

Karma, a Site That Measures Your Trustworthiness

Since taking the classifieds online, sites like Craigslist, eBay, and Airbnb have enabled billions of interactions and transactions among users. But, every time we meet up with a seller or a potential buyer, we can’t help but wonder… Is this person trustworthy? Are we going to get what we’ve paid for, or get ripped off? A

Amazon Promotes First Woman to Role of Adviser to the CEO

Last Thursday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos promoted Maria Renz to the coveted role of technical adviser to the CEO. Renz was formerly CEO of Quidsi, the company that owned, which Amazon acquired in 2011. The position, which Bezos created more than a decade ago, serves as his sounding board on key decisions, sits with him during daily

Radio Show Recap: The Business of Books

Technology, once again, has disrupted another old-school industry where the old way of doing things will have to adapt to both small and massive companies competing for revenue. Luckily there’s room for everyone, which means that it’s never been a better time to write or your memoir or pen that great American novel. Yesterday, Randi

Five Practical Tips to Encourage Summer Reading

By Kari Riedel. There are many alarming statistics about the learning loss that occurs when kids leave for summer vacation (aka Summer Slump.) One EASY way to counter this is to encourage your kids to read every day. For some families, that’s easy peasy.  For others, that sounds like a fight waiting to happen. Here are five practical tips for

June, the Bracelet that Monitors Your Sun Exposure

There’s no doubt that UV-monitoring wristbands like the UVeBand andUVA+B Sunfriend are a good idea for those spending some time in the sun. But most favor function over fashion, which is why Netatmo, a company known for its range of weather stations, has launched June ($129), a cute little bracelet that monitors your sun exposure. (Remember, 90 percent of UV

Radio Recap: The Business of Branding

You are your own business and like a business in order to complete your core mission to engage, nurture, and convert a potential customer, employee, or even a date nowadays you have to have a solid online reputation. As does any successful and engaging company brand. But with all the various ways to engage an

Only 18% of Computer Science College Grads in 2014 Were Women

Watch the trailer for Code: Debugging the Gender Gap, a documentary film shown at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. The movie explores the stark reality that by 2020, there will be 1.4 million jobs in “computing-related fields”—and of those 1.4 million jobs, less than 29 percent will be filled by Americans, and of those Americans, less

How Mobile Devices & Technology are Advancing Fashion

By Jennifer Thayer The fashion world has historically been relatively insular, borrowing culture, technology and art to further its own ends. It could do that because it existed on a plane outside of society at large – more art than attire. But as technology’s evolution has effectively broadened each individual’s sphere to a mammoth degree,

Should States Allow Online Voter Registration?

Currently, 20 states allow online voter registration. Two additional states have limited online sign-ups, and five more, along with Washington, D.C., have passed (but not implemented) an online registration system. But now, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) is trying to make digital registration the norm with a universal online system. A few weeks ago, the senator introduced the