Radio Recap: Heather Thomson

Heather Thomson is a philanthropist, mother, entrepreneur, and founder of her own form-enhancing apparel brand, Yummie by HT. Now this former Real Housewife of New York, Heather has taken her years of award-winning design experience to turn her passion into an empire. Here are the best take-aways from Heather on today's Dot Complicated with Randi Zuckerberg: [Read More]

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Radio Recap: Lauren Maillian

Serial entrepreneur, founder and CEO of strategic marketing company, Luxury Market Branding, Founding Partner at Gen Y Capital Partners, author of The Path Redefined, and single mother, Lauren Maillian is a true powerhouse. Having founded an award-winning wine brand before the age she could legally drink, Lauren is no stranger to innovation in entrepreneurship. She [Read More]

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Suze Orman’s 5 Favorite Apps

Here's the Top 5 Favorite Apps of financial advisor Suze Orman: Navionics (Free; iOS & Android) — This is a boating app. I’m a fanatic boater. Usually small boats but sometimes we'll go across from Miami to the Bahamas. Navionics keeps track of everything you need to know. If you take longer voyages in little boats, this [Read More]

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Radio Recap: Mayim Bialik

You may remember Mayim Bialik as TV's Blossom, the fashion icon of the ‘80s. Or maybe you remember her playing a young Bette Midler in the tear-jerker, Beaches. Currently she’s best known for playing Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler on the hit show The Big Bang Theory. Regardless of how you know her, Mayim Bialik is [Read More]

Fashion Tech

The newest in wearable tech has officially made its splash into the fashion industry. Here are a few Dot Complicated top wearable picks from least expensive to most! N-E-R-V-O-U-S SYSTEM—$10 and up; Affordable 3D printed rings, earrings, necklaces and cuffs available starting at only $10 and up! MISFIT FLASH—Starts at $30; A fitness monitor that [Read More]

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Have a Relax-Cation

According to research, 10% of Americans admit they never manage to relax on vacation because 76% find themselves checking voicemail and email—and that’s just from work. Partner that with all the selfie-stick photos, Periscope videos, Instagram posts and Facebook updates, and you’ve literally experienced your entire vacation through a digital lens. Americans spend the most hours working per year, right behind Japan and South [Read More]

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Radio Recap: Fashion + Tech

Wearables, drones, and 3D printing have been all the rage at this year's New York Fashion Week. From CFDA Fashion Incubator designer Misha Nonoo’s “Insta-show” which sheds the traditional runway route to instead make the show globally accessible using Instagram for its stylized debut, to revealing select pieces from a particular Fashion Week line on the [Read More]

Top 5 Trending Apps

  Architecture of Radio — (Available for iOS Dec. 2015 & Android early 2016) An app that’s basically an art piece, Architecture of Radio plots out all the signals that are being sent around you such as Wi-Fi and satellite signals. It’s a bit disconcerting because there’s a lot of signals going across your face [Read More]

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