The 20 Best Sanity-Saving Tech Finds for Moms

Sometimes, between all those social media platforms, apps, and devices, it seems as if technology makes life a whole lot more complicated. But these picks do exactly what innovations are meant to: simplify, assist, and give you peace of mind. YetYet Interactive iPad Case for Kids. This stuffed creature protects iPhones and iPads when they slip [Read More]

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Avery & Austin Delivers the Perfect Playdate

By Amy Heinz As a mom of three kids, I’m no stranger to the word “playdate”. But, since my older two kids are sports-obsessed boys, who happen to invite kindred spirits over to play, I haven’t really had to give much thought to how I entertain the kids. That is until my daughter recently reached [Read More]

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Watch This Blind Mom-to-Be Meet Her Unborn Son Via 3-D Ultrasound

An expectant mother-to-be can’t see or hold her child during pregnancy, but she is connected to him/her in a way that no one else is. That’s what makes an ultrasound so exciting: for a moment, she’s able to see the baby that she feels developing inside her. For visually impaired mothers, though, ultrasounds are a bittersweet moment. [Read More]

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Bruno, the World’s First “Smart” Garbage Can

There’s a certain pattern to cleaning the kitchen, and some of the last two steps including taking the trash out and sweeping up the floor. While the need to heft the bag of garbage out to the dumpster hasn’t yet been eliminated, the folks behind Bruno are pining to make the dust pan obsolete. Bruno [Read More]

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Five Practical Tips to Encourage Summer Reading

By Kari Riedel. There are many alarming statistics about the learning loss that occurs when kids leave for summer vacation (aka Summer Slump.) One EASY way to counter this is to encourage your kids to read every day. For some families, that’s easy peasy.  For others, that sounds like a fight waiting to happen. Here are five practical tips for [Read More]

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Radio Show Recap: Mothers’ Day Tips from “Dot Complicated!”

With 4.3 babies born each second, and over 2 billion moms around the world, thankfully motherhood is another thing technology has successfully disrupted. Here’s a few mommy facts: The average age of modern moms is now 25 whereas the age of new moms was 21 in 1970; Currently 72% of moms with children over 1 [Read More]

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Vessyl, the World’s First Smart Cup

Between fitness bands, apps, and journals, there are a lot of ways to keep track of calories. But all those things require you to do work. You might want to try the very first smart cup. Unlike old standby methods, Vessyl, a 13-ounce thermos-like container, does all the nitty gritty for you. Just fill it with liquid (coffee, smoothie, wine) and [Read More]

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Greetly is Changing the Office Game

From an employee quitting to a supplier changing the way they make deliveries,  small business owners are bombarded with challenges on a regular basis. Another very specific struggle: Who's going to answer the door? (Because, let's face it, receptionists are expensive.) Greetly, a sleek new iPad app, is here to help small offices save money, increase productivity [Read More]

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