Grandparents Day Tech

My in-laws (and the only surviving grandparents to my children) live states away but are very interested in being involved and staying connected to our kids so much so that during every visit with the grandparents, my kids will spend time giving an iPhone or iPad tutorial to them. My kids will set up and run [Read More]

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Radio Recap: Back-to-School Tech

Last year families with two children or more averaged around $650 on back-to-school items. But for 2015 it’s already been estimated that consumers are cutting back, averaging out to about $207 per student—down from $244 in 2014. While U.S. consumers are estimated to spend about $68 billion on back-to-school and back-to-college items this year—down 9% [Read More]

Why You Need to Know Your Kids’ Passwords

By Kay Bransford Our kids are online constantly and most of us have no idea exactly our kids are getting into. We've talked with them about the permanence of the medium, counseled them on how to behave and interact with others, but yet we still fail to recognize that we have rights, as parents, to [Read More]

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Why ANY Screen Time Is Too Much for My Kids

By Stephanie Bernaba I know writing this might not make me the coolest kid at the lunch table. I know many of you may not agree with me on this. But I want to discuss it anyway. I don't think young children should have access to smartphones or tablets. My kids do not have access, and [Read More]

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Radio Show Recap: Educational Toys for Kids

This year the global toys and games industry is expected to hit the $100 billion mark. And now that every marketplace is influenced by high tech gadgetry, children, too, now choose video games and electronic toys over analog toys such as board games and jigsaw puzzles. While 10% of parents say they consider touch devices as [Read More]

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4 Tech Tips for Fourth of July weekend

As far as tech is concerned, a lot has changed since July 4, 1776. We have radios. We have TVs. We have computers. And more than half of us now have smartphones. So as you celebrate Fourth of July weekend, here are four tech tips you may find useful. From educating you about astronomy to helping you snap that [Read More]

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Randi’s Toddler Snack Creations

Recently, I've trying to encourage my two-year-old to eat more by arranging his food in creative ways. I started posting the pics to Instagram and got such a positive response that I thought I'd share them here. Full disclosure: Most of these ideas were inspired by other blogs and sites– I can't claim to be that creative. [Read More]

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New App Helps Kids with Autism

By Julie M. Green What if there was a way to boost eye contact and social interaction in kids with autism that was not only painless, but a lot of fun? Well, there is, and it's 100% free. Samsung Canada has partnered with Autism Speaks Canada to roll out "Look at Me" (LAM), an app [Read More]

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