asian-dad-and-daughterUN Foundation Social Good Fellow, co-author of Content Rules, and father of two, C.C. Chapman is a self-proclaimed Digital Dad and proud of it.

“Having two teenagers in the house, tech is a big part of our lives.”

Here are C.C.’s Top 5 favorite Digital Dad apps:

1) Bring-LogoBring! – This is a shared grocery list / shopping list app. We’re a mixed family, we have iPhones and Androids, but anybody in our family can add to the list. I can click with one button to send a note out that I’m going shopping and everyone can add what they need! Yes, I’m a Digital Dad that does all the shopping and cooking.

syFSpLD02) Snapchat – To keep up to date on what my kids are doing and to communicate when traveling, I use Snapchat. My kids are teenagers, they live on it, this is how they communicate with each other. If parents want to communicate with their kids, they need to be what their kids are communicating on.

TripIt_icon_flat3) TripIt – I travel a LOT. This app keeps me less stressed and helps my wife to always know where I am and where to find me.  And it keeps me sane by arranging my travel. My wife and kids and see where I am at any given time, so can I. It’s nice having a virtual travel assistant that doesn’t make mistakes.

timehop-01-535x5354) Timehop – It’s fun to look back at where we’ve been, what we’ve done and how much the kids have grown. Timehop shows what you’ve been doing one year, two years, even ten years ago—as long as your social media / photo library goes that far too.

Geocaching_app5) Geocaching – This super fun activity gets us out and active wherever we are. While tech is awesome, you have to get outside. You can hide treasure chests and find little knickknacks. Any time we’re traveling we see if there are any geocachings around. My wife first discovered it. It’s a little secret fun app.


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