Workout App

These 6 apps can help you get a healthier mind and body with just the tap of a button:

Headspace (Free to download; iOS & Android)— This app has 10-minute guided meditations which helps teach mindfulness to everyone, from a third-eye novice to an enlightened guru.

Spotify (Free; iOS & Android)—Make motivational workout playlists, it’s the new mix tape for your health!

MapMyFitness (Free; iOS & Android)—Great for tracking how far you’ve run or hiked. It tracks your food, your fitness and helps you stay accountable for staying healthy.

FreshDirect (Free; iOS & Android)— Order healthy meals and organic groceries to be delivered in no time with this easy-to-use app which is constantly being improved everyday.

Pager (Free; iOS Only)— Get a doctor on-demand within two hours! Visits start at $50 and can be reimbursed by most health plans.

MyFitnessPal (Free; iOS Only)— Lose weight the easy way and track your calories using this food journal/calorie counter.


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