Hi there! Kabira Stokes here – you may remember me from an interview I did with Randi last month. I am the Founder and CEO of Isidore Electronics Recycling. We are an L.A.-based small business, and a social enterprise. We recycle electronics safely, are fully certified to do so,  and employ people who have spent time in the criminal justice system.

Since 2011, we have been providing employment opportunities for the people who have been discarded from our society with the things that we have discarded from our society. We believe in the power of second chances, both for the people re-entering our society from prison, and for old electronics. Isidore is a new type of company – a mission-driven social enterprise, a woman-owned, award winning, certified, responsible recycler. We believe we are doing business the way that it should be done. Plus, we are named after a Saint, so that’s neat.

We recently launched an Indiegogo Campaign to raise enough money to buy a truck and equip it with a portable hard drive shredder and generator.  This will allow us to offer mobile data destruction to our clients and help us to grow – recycling more, and hiring more too. We have a number of very neat perks like vintage electronics, art prints and limited edition tees, and we would love your support.

With two weeks left in the campaign, we are over halfway to our goal. Please take a look here and if it moves you or inspires you, please contribute.


Thank you!

Kabira Stokes and the Isidore Team

For more on the genesis of Isidore and how we got started, you can check out my TEDx talk here.