5. Fantasy Life – (Free; iOS & Android) ESPN fantasy expert Matthew Berry’s app that gives helpful advice in a lighthearted and often times humorous format.

4. TeamStream by BleacherReport – (Free; iOS & Android) Lets you pick your favorite team and easily receive personalized news/information about it. Perfect for fantasy players who like to align with their home team.

3. CBS Sports Fantasy – (Free; iOS & Android) CBS generally has the most reliable news when it comes to fantasy. This app in particular has some really helpful advice on the most added players for seasonal fantasy football. It also has a really easy to digest projections screen for seasonal fantasy which I really like.

2. Sleeperbot –  (Free; iOS & Android) Sleeperbot is great for breaking news or rumors on all your favorite fantasy players and teams. It sends a push notification directly to your phone when any relevant news comes up.

1. LineStar – (Free; iOS & Android) Our app, can give helpful advice for Daily Fantasy football such as DraftKings/FanDuel and help you win those millions! It’s extremely up-to-date and can help you to think about plays/players that you otherwise might not have thought of.

Some honorable mentions:

Rotoworld (Free; iOS & Android) Great for quick, news/injury blurbs around players.

NBC Sports Talk (Free; iOS & Android) More detailed news updates on players.

By Erik Groset, CEO & Co-Founder of FantasySportsCo.com