app-logo-2Yesterday’s live from New York’s Dot Complicated with Randi Zuckerberg featured financial journalist Nicole Lapin discussing her new book, Rich Bitch, a financial breakdown for women, and the team behind NYC’s biggest Off-Broadway hit, Application Pending, co-writer and director Andy Sandberg, co-writer Greg Edwards, and star (playing over 40 different characters) Christina Bianco.

First Randi and the panel discussed last week’s Consumer Electronics Show:

“Sex toys are a big business.”-Nicole

Windblocker for your smartphone:

“I like to tell people I’m sitting around doing work. So I like it.” –Nicole

WonderWoof for your dog:

“Dogs need exercise and this is the way to make sure they’re getting it.” –Christina

NapTime baby monitor bracelets

“Dislike. Figure it out people. Sometimes it’s not about turns.”-Andy

Parrot Flower Power to water your plants:

“Dislike. I don’t trust parrots with my garden. I trust them more with piracy.”-Greg

Nicole discussed how to be financially savvy:

“A rich bitch is having the confidence to live the life you want. I’m taking the word back. I’m strong and confident.”

“Finance is fun and sexy. But I never found a book that made me understand money speak.”

“I’m all about making the case for the latte. You can’t save that much money from abstaining. My billable hours are different than a lawyer but they’re still workable hours.”

“Rent a house and buy a latte.”

“Once you learn the language you can feel empowered to engage in the conversation.”

“I thought my first boyfriend was talking about gardening when he told me he wanted to work with hedge funds.”

“Women live longer, A) awesome but B), we need to get our retirement in check.”

“It’s about the small indulgences so you don’t binge later on.”

“It’s about aspiration not deprivation.”

“I wanted to rethink conventional financial wisdom. “

“Selling a book is hard, writing a book is hard, and promoting a book is even harder.”

“Student debt is like good fat, it doesn’t mean you should eat guacamole all day.”

“Debt is the only 4 letter word I don’t like. It hinders you from creating the life you want to live.
“Higher-yielding interest debt first, then work your way down.”

“Change your mindset, remember to negotiate for everything.”

“Everything is negotiable.”

“Definitely negotiate medical bills, credit card bills, cable. The worst thing they can say is no.”

“Always throw down the competitor’s name.”

“What do you want to get out of a higher salary or working from home or a bonus plan?”

“We’ll talk about blow jobs and diarrhea before we discuss our salaries at the dinner table.”

“Be raw and authentic almost to a fault so people can learn from your honesty to do their own negotiations.” “The first YouTuber I interviewed was Justin Bieber.” Nicole

“Being an entrepreneur is easier than ever. Anyone can go to Staples and get a business card that says CEO.” Nicole

“You can only fake it ‘til you make it for so long.”

Fave apps: “Uber, DryBar, RueLaLa.”

Deleted:  “Huckster. It doesn’t work anymore. “

You can purchase Rich Bitch at Amazon & Barnes & Noble

Next up Greg Edwards, Andy Sandberg, Christina Bianco talk their newest Off-Broadway hit, Application Pending about the elite admissions process in NYC kindergartens:

“I went to a small private school and wanted to do something on the admissions world. “ Andy

“We wanted to encapsulate that world with as many characters as possible.” Andy

“Schools have Mandarin now.” Greg

“The dynamic between the kids and the parents is just as important.” Greg

“We wanted to capture the craziness of the world-all the competitors and frenetic energy.” Andy

“I wouldn’t even know I did impressions unless my parents told me. It’d started with singing.” –Christina

“Mom would say, ‘Don’t sing it like that person, sing it like you’.”

“The first time I did something a whole room was interested in hearing was an impression of Celine Dion.”

“When someone tells you you can do something it gives you worlds of confidence. “

“I was asked to do a reading of the play and luckily they thought about me.”

“It’s an incredible challenge. I’m used to getting my cue and now I’m giving myself my cues.”

“Memorizing 75 minutes of continual dialogue presented by 40 different people is a new challenge.”

“Though Christina does play a million characters in the show, there is one main character that we’re following and investing in.” Greg

“Theater is an industry where people want to tell you what to do in a given field, but one of the great challenges of this business is diving into the things you enjoy most.” Andy

“Someone who understands your thought process and works well and challenges you is the best collaborative experience.” Greg

“I never liked to sit still and so I didn’t want to wait for the phone to ring. You have to take control–have  a broader way of looking at things.” Christina

“I went from having 500 Twitter followers to having 20,000. So I thought, ‘okay, how do I keep them?’” Christina

“It’s daunting, I wasn’t so big into the digital world, not just to promote my career but to keep the followers.” Christina

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