Hi everyone!

I am absolutely thrilled to introduce you to an adorable, tech-savvy little girl named Dot. She is the star of my upcoming children’s picture book Dot, which goes on sale November 5th.

I was inspired to write Dot after talking with parents around the world. I found that although technology is making our lives easier and helping keep us connected, many parents are worried about how to raise their children in this new digital era.

Dot Cover

Dot loves technology. A LOT. She’s obsessed with her devices (sound familiar?), but with a little push, she’s reminded that life’s a little bit richer when you look up from the screen.

As I watch my two-year-old begin to discover technology, I feel certain that this is an important message to share with a younger audience.

Dot is available to pre-order and it would mean the world to me if you would order a copy for your child or a friend who could use a little help finding the perfect balance. We also have a lovely Dot doll available, and together, I think they make a perfect holiday gift (hint, hint). You can click here to preorder the book, and here to preorder the doll (or both).

Finally, I will be hitting the road for a book tour talking about both Dot and Dot Complicated and would love to see you at one of our stops. Click here for information about the book tour.