Dear Dot Complicated Community,

I’m thrilled and excited to announce that our Dot Complicated newsletter is also going to become a book!

Earlier this week, I announced a two-book deal with Harper Collins, for an adult nonfiction book, Dot Complicated, as well as a children’s picture book. Both books will be released later this year. In the adult book, I’ll share stories about my time at Facebook, the entrepreneurial journey I’ve been on launching Zuckerberg Media, and my experiences balancing career and motherhood. I plan to discuss many of the topics we cover in this newsletter – complexities of the modern, digital world we live in – including issues around etiquette, privacysocial identity, career, lovefamily, and more. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do this while also maintaining the fun, conversational, and somewhat sassy tone you’ve started to see in our newsletter.

I especially want to thank all of you, our readers, friends, and fans. It is without a doubt thanks to you and your early support for our Dot Complicated content and community, that this book took life so quickly. I am appreciative for the feedback and advice you send us every day, and I love the way this community has been growing, as there is so much we can learn from one another. As I start to work on the enhanced eBook version, I am confident there will be ways to incorporate some of your stories, comments, and thoughts into the overall narrative.

I hope that with these two books, we can continue to delight you and help you untangle your modern, wired, wonderful lives.

Much love, Randi