Dot Complicated is an online community aimed at “untangling” our wired, wonderful lives, created by Randi Zuckerberg. Technology has changed virtually every part of our lives: how we interact with friends and family, how we raise our children, how we announce major life news, how we find love, and how we manage our careers.

For our society, it’s like the wild, wild west – social norms and etiquette are changing constantly as we get used to life with smartphones, 24/7 access to one another, and more emails than one person could ever humanly respond to.

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Things have definitely gotten more fun and efficient (there’s seriously an app for everything!), but also much more complicated. Here at Dot Complicated, we sort through the noise to help find the “new normal.”

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My favorite e-newsletter to read right now is Randi Zuckerberg’s @dotcomplicated. It’s answering all of my questions in life!
Caitlin Reagan, @CaitlinReagan
Technology etiquette & balance are the 2 most common areas business personalities want me to cover with them when setting them up. I’m pleased to see something like this I can refer them to fo ongoing support 🙂
Lee Ussher, Speaker & Columnist at Social Media Babe
I had no idea what to expect from Dot Complicated, but the first newsletter far exceeded any inklings. In addition to its colorful, refreshing and concise layout, the material is exciting, thought-provoking and just plain fun. Stellar job! Can’t wait for the next one. Even if I retain just an iota of the info, I love feeling more ‘in the know.’ Thanks and keep up the awesome work!
Laurie Young Tolkin